10 Essential RV Camping Supplies For A Great Camping Trip

Camping season is fast approaching and with warmer weather up ahead lots of families, couples, and retirees are beginning to plan their own camping adventures. Even though the camping season may be a couple of months away, it’s never too early to begin the planning process. Who will you take with you on the camping trip? What sort of supplies will be necessary and convenient? What facilities are available to you? And one of the most important, is your RV road ready?

Essential RV Camping Supplies

Here at Kirkland RV, we’ve compiled an RV camping checklist so that you can be fully prepared when the camping season comes. It can be so easy to forget or overlook seemingly small details during the process of planning for an upcoming camping trip. However, these seemingly minor details can turn into big problems when you reach the camping site only to find that you’ve forgotten something of major importance to the convenience of your trip.


10 Essential RV Camping Items

  1. A Nice Hammock

    Having a comfortable, high-quality hammock on hand during an RV camping trip can lead to many a relaxing afternoon. Hammocks are great for napping, reading, sitting in while reading or watching a movie, and are just an all around excellent addition for adventurous to add to their RV camping supplies.

  2.  A Sturdy Foldable Table

    Many campers think they can just skip the portable table. It may seem a bit unnecessary when you are packing the RV, but you won’t regret bringing a foldable table along once you’ve set up camp and want to eat dinner under that shady tree across the field.

    A foldable table is such a handy and versatile piece of camping supplies. You can use it for meal prep, as a place to make coffee, a writing desk, or simply as a side table to set things on as you lounge in your camping chair.

  3.  Pet Supplies 

    For those of you traveling with a cat or dog, one of the smaller tips that often gets overlooked is to remember to bring pet bowls and treats. RV campers who are traveling with pets need to remember to bring food and water dishes for their furry companions. Many camping websites have awesome travel-friendly pet bowls that are compact and easy to clean.

  4.  Propane burner 

    Sometimes lighting a fire just isn’t practical. Maybe it’s the time that goes into collecting firewood, or it’s pouring down rain and there’s no dry fuel to collect, or maybe there isn’t a safe location to light a fire in. Having a propane burner on hand protects you from these contingencies and will save you time on meal prep, making your camping life that much easier.

  5. Comfy Camping Chairs 

    Don’t underestimate the importance of having comfy camping chairs. Perhaps you think that you won’t mind sitting on logs or criss-cross applesauce style all the time — after all, since you’re camping you might as well make it as authentic as possible, right? Maybe…but more likely than not, you’ll come to regret your chairless ways. After a while, sitting on the ground can become uncomfortable on your back, legs, and lower spine. Protect your posterior! Invest in some comfortable, strong camping chairs. This is especially important if you’re going on a longer RV camping trip.

  6. Bug Spray 

    Bug spray is extremely easy to forget but is essential to having a comfortable RV camping trip. You don’t want to be three hours away from the nearest store, deep into the mountains of Alaska or wetlands of Florida, only to realize that you left the bug spray at home. If you have allergies, make sure to research what brand will work best for your skin.

  7. Rain Gear 

    It isn’t always sunshine and open roads on a camping trip. You are bound to encounter some less-than-ideal weather conditions at some point. You can mitigate the rainy misery though, by stocking up on some waterproof rain gear. Add some quality rain gear to your RV camping checklist and stow it away in your trailer for that inevitable rainy day.

  8. Clothesline 

    Some RVs don’t come with a washer and dryer, and even if you are the lucky owner of an RV that is supplied with these appliances, chances are that the loads you are able to run and dry are much smaller than what a normal washer and dryer can hold. Pack along a clothesline and some clothespins to help you keep on top of your laundry while camping.

  9. Filtration Water Bottle 

    Having some sort of water filtration system can help you save money, as well as the environment, by cutting down on plastic waste. RV camping websites usually offer filtration water bottles or water filters to take with you on the road.

  10. Marshmallow Roasting Skewers 

    Save yourself the trouble of bushwhacking for a smores-maker and invest in some well-made marshmallow roasting skewers. Buying these ahead of your trip will ensure that you end up with skewers that are long enough to protect your hands from the fire and sturdy enough to hold hotdogs should you choose to roast some of those.



This wraps up Kirkland RV’s list of our top 10 essential RV camping supplies and tips to make your camping trip the best that it can be. Having the proper supplies sets you up for a comfortable and smooth camping trip that allows you to fully enjoy the experience of RV camping life.

If you are an RV owner, be sure to have your RV serviced before you begin your trip. Or, if you are looking for the perfect RV for your summer adventures, make sure to visit Kirkland RV today! Our expert team would be more than happy to show you around our lot and assist you in selecting the ideal RV for your family’s upcoming trip. So contact us today with any questions.