Starting the New Year on the Right Foot: 8 RV Accessories You Need

A new year has arrived, and before you know it RV travel season will be here, too. You want to begin gathering your equipment now, checking your new or existing RV gear and hardware, and preparing your RV for the road trips of spring, summer and fall.

After all, waiting until right before you head out on an extended trip is asking for problems and delays before you even hit the road. Part of that process is making sure you’ve got the right gear to make every trip memorable for the right reasons. To help you out, here are 8 RV accessories you need for a successful road trip and camping season in 2019.

RV parts and accessories in Kirkland

1. Water Pressure Regulator

This may seem a bit basic, but it’s critical to install one on your RV. Flooding out your RV only requires one RV park’s water pressure to be set too high, and you are looking at a busted line and potentially extensive water damage. Make sure you pop one of these on to your incoming water line and adjust the pressure to a safe level for your RV.

2. Shore Power Cord

Some RVs have a 30 or 50 amp cord included, but that’s not always the case. You need the heavy-duty insulation and additional safety features of a shore power cord to eliminate the risk of an electrical fire. Regular AC home extension cords are completely unsuited to connecting to RV electrical outlets. They can’t handle the higher amperage draw required to power all the electrical devices and appliances in your RV, and will more than likely burst into flames due to increased current demand. Keep yourself and your RV safe, and get a good RV Shore Power Cord if your RV doesn’t have one.

3. RV Levelers & Chocks

Camping spots are notoriously uneven, and if you’ve got an absorption fridge in your rig (like most RVs) it must stay level to keep running without suffering damage over time. On a more personal note, does anyone like sleeping on a non-level surface? Get a good set of leveling blocks to make sure your rig sits pretty at your campsite. Your fridge and your back will thank you.

Additionally, chocks are an essential accessory to keep your RV where you parked it. Even if you have automatic brakes, you should still secure your RV against rolling after parking and leveling. Don’t just buy any chocks either, make sure they are designed for use with RVs to maintain optimal safety.

4. Sink Swivel Sprayer

Regardless of the size of your sink, you will get bits of food in the corners when washing dishes. Rather than install a separate sink sprayer, get a sink faucet that has a swivel head. It takes up less space, doesn’t require you to mess with your RV plumbing, and it works just as well as a separate sink sprayer.

5. High-Pressure Shower Head

RV shower heads are known for being wimpy at best even in big Class A motor-coaches. Getting a shower head designed to increase water pressure is a simple upgrade that lets you get much more out of your showers than you would with a factory shower head. If you plan on living the RV life full time, this upgrade is an absolute necessity, too.

6. Transparent Sewer Connector

Who wants to look at wastewater? People who want to make sure their black water tank has drained completely. When you empty your sewage, you want to check to make sure the water is coming out clear so you know it’s been completely flushed out. This simple and inexpensive accessory makes it easier to verify your tank is empty before disconnecting the sewage hose.

7. High Powered Air Compressor

It’s not the coolest accessory ever, but it is a critical part of preserving your RV’s tires and wheels. RV tires require regular pressure checks and top-offs to stay in optimal condition. You want your tires in the best possible shape since replacement tires are extremely expensive, and they wear out much faster when proper pressure is not maintained consistently.

8. Tire Air Pressure Monitoring System

Many newer RVs have a built-in tire pressure monitoring system, but if you have a “pre-loved” RV, you may not have a way to keep track of your tire pressure while you are driving. If one of your tires starts losing pressure, you want to know the second it happens so you can check for leaks or add air to your tires.

A good tire pressure monitoring system is critical to making your expensive RV tires last as long as possible, and to keeping your rig out of the shop for wheel and suspension maintenance. Best of all, keeping your tire pressure balanced at all times improves your RVs fuel economy, too.

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