The Best RV’s to Own: Summer Edition

Let’s face it, traveling is expensive. Depending on where you are, hotels typically cost upwards of $100 to $250 a night, more if you want a suite with a kitchen. A week-long vacation ends up costing well over $1,000 with just food and hotel alone. If you take a few vacations a year, those costs add up quickly, and a used RV is often a more budget-friendly choice. It’s beneficial to have a list of RVs that have great fuel efficiency to give some context. This is especially useful since fuel costs are typically higher in the summer than the winter. Here are five models that should make it to your short list when checking out RV sales.



Avanti completed a redesign on their Class A motorhomes to make the new models up to 70 percent more efficient (around 14 miles per gallon) than before by making a more streamlined, aerodynamic exterior. Both 2806 and 3106 offer two beds (one drops down), a kitchen/dining area, and a bathroom with a shower. The 3106 is slightly larger, so one of the two beds is a queen.

Itasca Navion

The Itasca Navion 24J is one of the most fuel-efficient RVs around, getting about 17 miles per gallon on the highway. With a bed and sofa bed, there’s room for a family.

Itasca Reyo

Another model from Itasca, the Reyo 25 is a surprisingly light class A RV with a diesel engine. There’s a queen bed, sofa bed, bathroom, and kitchen area in this spacious floor plan. It gets around 15 miles per gallon on the highway.


RoadTrek’s class B travel van has a BlueTEC fuel-efficient V6 engine that greatly boosts fuel economy. Check out used RV sales for the RS E-Trek. It is a greener option with roof-mounted solar panels to help provide power to the kitchen and sleeping areas for up to seven people. Owners report they’re getting about 17 mpg on the highway.


The Winnebago Via uses LED lighting to help cut energy consumption. It also has a streamlined design that reduces drag and increases fuel economy. People who drive it report they get about 16 mpg when driving at speeds of 55.