Making the Most of a Rainy Day on an RV Trip


The sunny weather can bring about a great deal of promise for a beautiful, outdoor getaway in your used RV. Traveling far outside the city to enjoy nature, have a campfire, fish, or just breathe in the fresh air. But sometimes, the clouds can take a turn for the worse and you’ll find yourself stuck inside the used class-c motorhome waiting out the rain.

We’re here to tell you that your vacation doesn’t have to be put on hold just because of a little inclement weather. There’s plenty of things you can do to make the most of rainy day from the comfort of your used motorhome.

Books and Coffee

You know that book your friend loaned you that’s been sitting around for the last month? Well, you no longer have the excuse that you don’t have time to read it. Brew a pot of coffee and enjoy the hypnotic rhythms of the rain on the window as you get lost in the pages of a good book.

If you brought your family and kiddos along in the used RV, take the opportunity to read to them! It’s universal law that all little kids love a good story, and the family bonding is sure to make the time pass by quickly.

Neighboring Attractions

Many folks who purchase Seattle used RVs have a passion for exploring local cultures in the towns that they visit in their used RV. If the rain has interrupted your plans at the campsite, it’s all the more reason to go seek an indoor adventure nearby.

Depending on where your used motorhome travels have brought you to, you may find some interesting destinations in the neighboring towns. Consult the locals for recommendation, or visit a tourist attraction resource to gain some insight into local sights. Here’s some places you can look for:

  • Highly revered local restaurants
  • Aquariums, museums, exhibition centers
  • Bowling alleys or movie theaters
  • Anything unique!

Cooking Up a Storm

Depending on the appliances inside your used RV, there’s a substantial amount of potential to cook up something delicious. If you’re with your family, rainy days are a great opportunity to teach your kids how to cook something, and get them involved in the process.

Often, the only cooked meal during a trip in your used motorhome is a picnic dinner. But when there’s a downpour outside, have some fun by cooking a big breakfast or lavish lunch. Cooking opportunities like this are not only educational, but highly delicious.

When Life Gives you Lemons…

Make some lemonade! Throw on your rain gear and step outside. There’s no need to let nature control the agenda of your vacation; as fun as a day inside the used class a diesel motorhome can be, it’s liberating to go explore outside in the rain. And we’re positive that your kids will love it.

Rain or shine, there’s always a way to have fun on a used RV vacation. If you’re thinking about gearing up for an RV trip this spring or summer, we’re your local Seattle used RV experts. Come pay us a visit and we’ll make sure you have everything you need for a memorable RV trip this year!