Motorhome Must-Haves: The 7 Best RV Accessories to Guarantee a Smooth Trip

RV trips are always an adventure! It doesn’t matter whether you are heading to the lake for a fun-filled weekend on the water or up to the mountains for a week of hiking during the day and sitting around the campfire at night, every moment is memorable. On the other hand, sometimes those memories are plagued by simple but significant inconveniences. For example, wishing you had an awning and bug screen in the evenings while you squint into the sunset and swat mosquitoes, may not be most people’s favorite RV memory.

Motorhome Must-Haves: The 7 Best RV Accessories to Guarantee a Smooth Trip

To make sure that your travels in your RV are the best kind of memory, we’ve assembled a list of 7 RV accessories to make every trip a success, whether it is trip #1 or #100. Check out our list below:


7 RV Accessory Must-Haves

1. Solar Charging System

These devices come in all shapes and sizes and can be an absolute godsend when out on the road away from RV parks. A small portable window-mounted model is handy for charging your smartphone or tablet when AC power is not available and your batteries are run all the way down, or for emergency situations where you are out and about and need to recharge your device. You can also install full-size solar panels on your RV to charge your vehicle’s battery bank and run power no matter where you roam. Full-vehicle solar systems can be pricey, but considering they can run even when your vehicle is moving, they are well worth the investment. It also cuts down on your cost in the long term, since you won’t be refilling your generator’s fuel tank.

2. GPS

Whether it’s a factory integrated model or an aftermarket system, a GPS is absolutely essential to RV travel. First of all, it allows you to accurately calculate the fuel cost and amount of fuel needed for each leg of your trip as you go, and it ensures that even if you are in an area without mobile phone service you can still know exactly where you are and where you are going. Many people are of the opinion that they can get-by using just their smartphone and Google Maps, but mobile phones won’t do you much good when you get far enough out in the wilds. There are also systems you can install in your RV that include anti-theft GPS tracking, making it easier to recover your vehicle in the event that it is stolen or you are in need of a rescue.

3. Weather Radio with Device Charger

Smartphones have largely spoiled many travellers with the amount of information they place in the palm of your hand. However, if you are out of wireless signal range, you will need a way to know about emergency weather conditions and what to do if you are caught up in a natural disaster. A certified NOAA weather radio with its own recharger or hand-cranked/solar power supply is a must have for any RV adventure. Even if you never have to get it out, it can make an actual life or death difference in an emergency situation, especially up in the high mountains where weather is sometimes dangerously unpredictable.

4. Tire Pressure Monitoring System

If you have an older RV that doesn’t have a built in tire pressure monitor, you will want to install one in your RV before your next trip. Even if you check your tire pressure every time you fill up, that doesn’t stop your tires from experiencing loss of pressure on extended drives. A tire pressure monitoring system alerts you to problems when they occur, instead of letting you know your tires have a problem the hard way (i.e. a blowout at highway speed or waking up to a flat). Check into a tire pressure monitoring system right away if you don’t currently have one in your RV.

5. Portable Air Compressor

Always being able to fix your own tire issues is a an important part of safe and happy RV adventures. Keeping a portable and powerful air compressor in your RV that runs off of batteries or DC power is an excellent way to make sure that your trip is not interrupted for extended periods of time waiting for a tow truck to arrive and fix your flat. They are extremely useful when inflating water toys like water tubes, inflatable rafts, and other inflatable boating and watercraft accessories.

6. Weather and Fireproof Travel Safe

Always secure your valuables and vital documents when travelling. Installing or purchasing a weather and fireproof travel safe for protecting your most important papers and valuables is essential to preventing identity theft or the loss of other important items on the road. It also keeps your documents safe if you are caught in a natural disaster or an accident that causes extensive damage to your RV.

7. Coffee Maker

Ok…this may be an obvious accessory, but hey, imagine if you forgot to pack a coffee maker on your trip? Catastrophe!  No matter where you are going or what season it is, you are going to need plenty of coffee to keep you awake on the road, even if there isn’t a coffee shop for miles.


Final Thoughts

Regardless of what accessories you decide to install in your RV to make your trips safer and more enjoyable, be sure that accessories requiring professional installation are handled by certified experts. You don’t want to have to patch up a rushed installation job you did yourself when you are travelling far from home in the middle of a major interstate or highway!

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