Which is Better: A New or Used RV?

We’re glad you asked. While there is a fair amount of debate that can go on between the two, the answer to this question will ultimately dependent on your tastes, budget, and needs. If you are looking at buying a new RV in Seattle, only to use it for two weeks out of the year, then a used RV may suit you better than a brand new RV. However, if you intend to live out of your RV for several weeks or months during the year, a new RV with a warranty may be your safest option.

New or Used RV

But from a neutral standpoint, which RV, used or new, offers the biggest bang for your buck? We’ve compiled a list of pros and cons for both new and used rvs. See our inventory of Used RV’s here.

New RVs:

Most people love the thought of driving away in an RV that is fresh from the factory. These brand new, beautiful RVs are designed to look and feel perfect in every way. While they do have some benefits, they aren’t all they can be made out to be.


  • Manufacturer’s Warranty: When buying a new RV, owners usually get some kind of manufacturer’s warranty. This is a temporary safety net should anything happen to break or not work properly after you’ve driven it off the lot.
  • No Problems (yet): Unlike used RVs where there are possibly problems of various shapes and sizes, a new RV should have none of that. Having not yet been exposed to travel and wear, these vehicles are in perfect shape and ready for travel.
  • Customize: Some RV dealerships will even let you customize your own RVs to create a new RV perfectly tailored to your wants and needs. Many people love the thought of creating their own motorhome, despite the staggering costs. You don’t get to be that picky when inspecting used motorhomes.


  • Untested: The very benefit of an RV being fresh off the farm can quickly turn into a pain in the neck when appliances, slide-outs, or pumps stop working. These issues cost between hundreds and thousands of dollars to repair.
  • Fast Depreciation: A new RV will quickly lose its value after it has been driven off the lot. There are slim chances that you’ll be able to sell your RV anywhere near the price at which you bought it, regardless of how little time and wear it has.

Unless you plan to spend tremendous amounts of time in your new RV and have plenty of cash to throw at a new vehicle, new RVs are a risk that is not worth taking. Especially when there are safer, more reliable, and more frugal options available.

Used RVs:

Used RVs are vehicles that have proven their worth. Already driven and used for several years, most used motorhome owners are ready to sell their vehicle simply because it’s not a good match for them anymore. No amount of quality or luxury has to be lost when buying a used RV. You can get the same great vehicle as you would at a new RV dealership with a fraction of the expense.


  • Already Depreciated: By the time you locate a used Seattle RV, it has already experienced a serious amount of depreciation, leaving you with a far more reasonable price tag. You can save thousands of dollars on a used Seattle motorhome and still enjoy the relaxation and sophistication of a stunning RV.
  • Reliable: Used motorhomes are vehicles that have proven their worth over miles and miles of terrain. If you’re looking at a used RV that has seen moderate and enjoyed proper storage, then its very likely you’ve found an RV you can trust. With a history of great, consistent performance, there’s little chance it won’t do the same for you.


  • Thorough Inspection: Not all used RVs are gold nuggets. While the used RVs that we sell here at Kirkland RV have been inspected to ensure quality and care, buying from a private owner can be a risky matter.If you’re considering a used RV from a private Seattle owner, it is well worth your time and effort to have it inspected thoroughly by someone experienced and familiar with RVs and motorhomes. This is a major decision you’re making, so you want to be sure that all the systems and appliances are operating correctly and that there is no hidden damage that you might discover only after the purchase is made.
  • No Warranty: While there are times when some private owners might have warranty on their vehicles, most do not. This is why having a thorough inspection is important. By ensuring that their is no serious issues that go undetected, you can avoid the necessity of having a warranty in the case of something being damaged.
New or Used RV

RV on road near Grand Tetons, Wyoming

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