3 Traits to Look For in an Everett Used RV Dealer

Shopping for a used RV is a task that should not be taken lightly. After all, an RV is a big financial investment, so you want to locate an RV that meets your needs and desires, and enables you and your family to experience fun and memorable times together. Because of this, it is important that you get your vehicle from a Washington RV dealer that you can trust.

There are any number of Everett dealers that would love to business with you, so we’ve nailed down three essential traits to look for in your RV dealer before agreeing to a sale. Being aware of these three areas can ensure that you get a reliable vehicle from a dealer you can trust.


1. Communication

It is vital that there is consistent and transparent communication between you and your RV dealer at every phase of the purchase.

  • Before: Your RV dealer should be willing to provide answers to your questions and all necessary information regarding the vehicle, including interior, exterior, engine, appliances, etc.
  • During: As you prepare to purchase the RV of your choice, your dealer should be clear and accurate regarding costs, liabilities, and necessary paperwork.
  • After: Once you’ve purchased your RV, the RV dealer should provide clear and thorough instruction on how to operate every major part of your RV. They should also be willing to perform repairs, should something go amiss.


The last thing you want is to purchase an RV from a shady dealer. If you’re picking up on half answered questions and an unwillingness to provide full disclosure of information and documentation, this is probably a sale that is not worth your time. If you can’t trust the dealer, there’s no way for you to know that the RV they’re selling is reliable.

Look For

Some of the most trustworthy RV dealers are the ones that give you relevant information before you had to ask for it. A dealer that is confident in himself and in his product will be willing to share the good and bad details of the RV you’re considering and will walk you through each phase of your purchase with clarity and confidence.

2. Quality Product

A motorhome is a vehicle you want to last you for a very long time. To ensure that the vehicle you’re considering will be used long term, it is important that find an RV dealer that is selling reliable RVs that are;

  1. In good condition
  2. Stored and maintained appropriately
  3. Demonstrate full functionality.
  4. Pricing reasonable to the model, condition, and use of the RV.


Some dealers, in an effort to reap the returns an RV sale would promise, can start to exaggerate the good parts of their vehicles and downplay potential problems. If the online description doesn’t match what you see in person, or the dealer seems to be brushing past minor repair notes, it’s probably best to move on. Don’t be afraid to bring an educated and trustworthy friend with you to examine an RV you’re considering. They may be able to catch problems you wouldn’t have known to look for and which your dealer might neglect to tell you.

Look For

Dealers with quality products aren’t afraid to educate you about the history, condition, and care of the vehicle. Keep a sharp eye out for a dealer that is willing to demonstrate the quality of his vehicle in every way. They should willingly allow you to inspect the roof and underside of the vehicle, the caulking, plumbing, electric lines, etc. And if that friend of yours can’t find anything wrong with it either, then you’re probably in good shape.

3. Repairs

Some used RV dealers are unwilling to perform any necessary repairs after the sale. This is a major red flag. Often times this is an indication of an RV dealer that is more interested in selling RVs than making sure they are truly in working order.


If possible, avoid RV dealers that you can’t trust to fix your vehicle if something breaks. If you can’t trust them to fix it, there’s little chance you can trust that the vehicle was cared for properly before your potential purchase.

Look For

It is an incredible benefit to have an RV dealer that is willing to perform the repairs necessary to get your RV into shape. By reading through some of their testimonials and online reviews, you can be sure that the RV repair services they offer are worth the time and money.

As an Everett RV dealer, we make it our highest priority to ensure that our customers get the information and services they need to have full confidence in their RV. At Kirkland RV, we sell new and used RVs at great, affordable prices. Our technicians are skilled at performing RV repairs and we are excited about our quality RVs and services. For more information, feel free to give us a call or fill out our contact form.