CUDL RV Financing with Kirkland RV

Need financing for your RV purchase? No problem! Financing your RV with Kirkland RV is easy.

We are a member of Credit Union Direct Lending (CUDL), which allows us to easily handle financing through many accessible credit unions. CUDL is the largest point-of-sale and indirect auto lending network of credit unions, representing over 11,000 dealers, 1,100 lenders, and a market of 45 million potential car buyers nationwide. The CUDL network provides full access to credit union financing for dealers in all 50 states.

Because of our membership at CUDL, we can guarantee secure, reliable, and affordable financing for all of our buyers. With a minimum down payment and approved credit, we can arrange financing for your RV through one of the many credit unions quickly and easily, getting you on the road in your new RV in no time. Our easy-pay options ensure that your experience is smooth and seamless.

Through CUDL, you are able to quickly obtain Credit Union auto financing right at our dealership. This allows us to offer financing for your RV or travel trailer on the spot without the need for a pre-approval or a long waiting period, as is often the case with other financing options.

Financing your RV at Kirkland RV

Learn More About CUDL Financing

CUDL financing with Kirkland RV is easy. When you arrive you will sit down with one of our RV experts to discuss your RV purchase, your down payment amount. At this time we will have you fill out a simple application for the CUDL financing. Once approved, we will contact you to discuss and approve the terms and conditions set out from the Credit Union. Then with the sales contract complete, you’ll be ready to pick up your RV! Any remaining paperwork will be handled on your behalf by our Kirkland RV team to ensure your entirely headache-free sales process.

Getting on the road quickly and with RV financing through Kirkland RV has never been easier. For more information on CUDL financing, give us a call today.

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