7 RV Remodeling Ideas to Improve Comfort and Performance


Remodeling your RV can be a big task, but offers endless rewards. If you are looking for ways to enhance the performance of your current RV? Or if you are planning a summer road trip and stressing over whether or not your RV has the needed comforts for the journey? Having an uncomfortable and inconvenient RV design can easily dampen the excitement of vacation and cause a lot of unnecessary stress.

RV Remodeling

Planning ahead and solving potential problems that you see with your RV design before your road trip will ensure that you have a convenient and care-free vacation.

Remodeling your RV

To help you get ready for your summer adventures, we’ve made a list of 7 RV remodeling ideas that will help improve the comfort of your upcoming trip and are relatively easy to apply. These tips are nice if you are already an RV owner or you are buying a used RV and want to do a bit of remodeling inside to make it more functional.

Implementing these tips will help you save on purchasing a new RV and will help your RV be so much more road ready.

1. Add Functional Features

Maybe you’re renovating your RV due to a lack of functional furniture or other features. If this is the case, do not skimp on functionality this time around. Take advantage of the many multi-purpose furniture pieces available and use them a lot of them. Multi-purpose furniture (furniture that can serve multiple uses), and furniture pieces that are foldable or collapsible, can ensure that not too much space is taken up when they’re not in use.

Adding such practical features will make your upcoming trip both comfortable and convenient, allowing you to fully enjoy your vacation.

2. Organization is Key

When you are spending a lot of time in a small space, organization is key! Only keep items in your RV that serve a purpose and are necessary for the comfort of your road trip. Clean, re-organize, and dust your RV often — this helps minimize mess and keeps your RV clutter-free. Buy organizational furniture, baskets, and bins while remodeling.

Keeping your RV organized is one of the most basic and easily applied ways to increase the comfort of your vacation.

3. Replace Outdated or Unneeded Features

If you have features in your RV that are less than ideal, consider replacing them with more functional options. For example, if your sink has a problem with the faucet or your bathroom door isn’t hinged properly, or if you simply don’t like a particular feature about your RV, consider replacing it with something that will offer more usability.

Replacing anything that you find to be ugly or dysfunctional is a simple way to renovate your RV and get it road ready for your upcoming trip. This remodeling tip isn’t overly costly and will greatly increase the usefulness of your RV and the convenience of your road trip.

4. Implement Space-Saving Storage

Space-saving storage is everything when it comes to convenient RV living. As you are remodeling your RV, be sure to implement lots of space-saving storage. This will make your vacation that much more convenient and will also do wonders for keeping your RV clean and organized.

Many furniture stores offer amazing space-saving storage pieces that look beautiful and are highly functional. So start shopping around and find yourself some incredible pieces to spruce up your RV.

5. Add More Counter space

Counter space is something that many RV owners don’t have enough of. Counter space is important because it’s needed to prepare and eat food on. While you are about the business of remodeling your RV, consider adding more counter space to help make mealtime more convenient.

Counter space probably isn’t the first thing you think of when you’re doing an RV remodel but it really does add so much more functionality to your space and can improve the quality of your vacation immensely.

6. Add Curtains or Blinds

Adding curtains or blinds to your RV during the remodeling process will give your RV that cozy vibe while also allowing you to have a more private space. Privacy is something that many RVs lack, so implementing this remodel tip will allow you some private space where you can be away from all the other campers and road-trippers.

7. Bring Home into You RV

Giving your RV that homelike feel will improve the overall comfort of the space and will likely make you think seriously about extending your road trip.
Consider adding Christmas lights above the windows or getting a couple of plants to bring color to your little home.

By adding small, homey touches throughout your RV is an excellent way to improve the atmosphere and bring a feeling of relaxation to your trip. Making the remodeling process worth all the hard work.

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It is our goal to help you find the perfect RV for your upcoming road trip so that you can have the most comfortable, convenient, and memorable time possible.