|Infographic| America’s 5 Most Wanted RV Upgrades – Updated


In America, we pride ourselves on always staying ahead with the next-best-thing. The same runs true in RV-owners, as we love to update and upgrade our RVs to newer and better models, or simply by using a little ingenuity and TLC.  Here’s an infographic showing what we’ve found to be some of the most popular and useful upgrades and installs available for RV-lovers!

Most Wanted RV Upgrades

Satellite upgrade

People on the go don’t want to miss out on their favorite TV shows. The next generation of portable or mountable satellite dishes has emerged. It is becoming increasingly popular, and some would say necessary, to have the full RV home-away-from-home experience. High-powered satellite dishes that can be mounted to the top of an RV, or carryout satellite’s that can be set up on tripods to ensure the maximum TV reception are becoming a common sight among RVs.

Despite the small size of some of the satellite set-ups available, their reception abilities are usually incredible. So, next time you don’t want to miss the next episode of River Monsters while you’re camping in the Olympics, think ahead and upgrade your satellite before embarking.


High definition TV’s

Of course, installing a satellite upgrade for high-definition programming is only good if you’ve got a TV to go with it. One of the most common installations to RV’s that are 5+ years old is that of removing older tube TV’s and moving to a more sleek, functional, and better-looking LCD / LED TV.

Because of their size, you’ll likely also need to install a new mount. These mounting options range from traditional flat screen wall mount to tilting mount. The most popular type of mount is the articulating mount which allows the TV to be pulled out from the wall, tilted from right to left, and pushed back when you’re finished watching.

While these RV commodities eat up a lot of electricity, there’s a solution for that as well.


Solar panel installs

High-tech toys are at the top of the list for RV-lovers. Who wants to leave their technology behind when they want to hit the highways? RV’s are seeing a lot more LCD TV’s, home theater systems, iPod/MP3 hookups, and other electronic features becoming more and more prevalent in motor home products.

Of course, all these gadgets use a lot of electricity. Such high usage can take a toll on the electrical system, which is why we are beginning to see RV’s with solar panels installed onto the roof and sides of RV’s. These solar panels create a large part of the energy necessary to run all these electricity-draining appliances. Not only does this ease the load of the electrical system, it’s also a green-friendly way to generate energy.

Just remember that if you install solar panels onto the roof of your RV, you will need to remember you need more clearance, as your RV will be slightly taller. Ripping your brand new solar panels off, or slicing the upper portion of your RV from it’s base is one of the worst RV accidents.


LED lights

Have you ever noticed that the lights in your RV can get really hot after being on only a short while? Have you been horrified at how quickly your battery drains while camping without access to electricity?

RV-lovers are rapidly making a switch to LED lighting. LED lights stay cool to the touch and are at a minimum for risk of fire. In addition, they use an average of ⅕ the amount of electricity that standard bulbs use. This prevents electric burnout while camping (a very unpleasant experience) and saves on energy consumption and electricity costs.


Backup camera

Few vehicles roll off the assembly line without the latest and greatest technological advances. One of these is the backup camera. Unfortunately, for those of us who have RV’s that missed this new addition to driving safety, we’ve been lacking in our ability to back up properly or without someone as a guide.

Because of the size of an RV, it is virtually impossible to really know what’s behind you when you’re backing up. A backup camera is especially useful for those with children or pets. The installation and purchase of a backup camera is comparatively small, and many local RV sellers will be able to manage this upgrade for you far more quickly than you’d expect.


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