A Beginners Guide to Used and New RVs: Which One is Best for You?


If you are preparing for a summer road trip in 2019, you may be researching all the different RVs that are available to you and feeling a bit overwhelmed at all the options. If your current RV question is whether you should buy a new or used RV you’ve come to the right place!

Beginners Guide to Used and New RV Prices

Today’s post is going to outline the pros and cons of new versus used RVs so that you can make the most educated decision about which kind would be best for your family.


Pros & Cons Of Buying A New RV

First, let’s get into the pros and cons of purchasing a new RV. New RVs are very appealing to soon-to-be RV owners for a number of reasons.

Many potential RV owners like the idea of a brand new, spacious RV that is hand-picked for them. It is our goal to give you a balanced look at the pros and cons of both sides of the coin so that you can choose the best RV possible.


Here are some of the main pros of purchasing a new RV.

  • You get the manufacturer’s warranty. A manufacturer’s warranty is a safety net of sorts should anything happen to, or not function properly in your new RV.
  • You are able to get the exact RV you want. Purchasing a used RV limits your options a lot more than buying a new RV does. If you decide to purchase a brand new RV, you will be given a lot more freedom to choose and customize the perfect RV for your family.
    You are the first owners. This means you won’t have to worry about any hidden issues with your RV and you can also be certain that no one has been smoking inside of your RVs interior.
  • A new RV is can be customized to suit your exact travel needs. Many RVs are customizable. This means that if you are the first owner of your RV you are able to tailor it to be more suited to your family and your needs.


Now let’s discuss a couple of the cons to purchasing a new RV.

  • New RVs can be expensive. Purchasing a brand new RV can be pricey at times. It can be difficult to give an exact estimate of how much a new RV will cost as that depends on a number of factors including, the model, brand, year, and the number of customizations you will be making.
  • Fast depreciation. One of the biggest cons to purchasing a new RV is the fast depreciation. Pretty much immediately after purchasing a new RV it will begin to lose value rapidly and there is next to no chance that you will be able to sell it again for anywhere close to the price you paid for it.


Pros & Cons Of Buying A Used RV

Now let’s discuss used RVs and some of the pros and cons associated with them. There can be many benefits for soon-to-be RV owners who are considering purchasing a used RV.


  • Already depreciated value. Buying a used RV means that it has already had time to depreciate in value — meaning that the price you pay for it will be much more reasonable and that the depreciation value will go down at a slower rate (since it isn’t brand new and has already seen several years of depreciation).
  • Reliability. Purchasing a used RV means that the vehicle you are purchasing is reliable. It has already been tried and tested on the road and has a history of reliability. This can be comforting for soon-to-be RV owners since they have a proven track record on the RV and can see that it has been consistent.


  • No warranty. Purchasing an RV with no warranty can be a little risky. If you are purchasing a used RV with no warranty, you will want to spend extra time ensuring that the vehicle is roadworthy and doesn’t have any underlying issues.
  • Hidden issues. A used RV may look perfectly functioning and good on the outside but it can still be riddled with hidden issues and functionality problems. Make sure that you have a licensed mechanic that you trust thoroughly inspect the RV that you are considering purchasing so that you can know about any hidden issues before buying.

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