Best 5 RV Curtains Ideas


There are several RV curtain ideas that can help you personalize your motorhome, especially if you aren’t interested in extensive changes. Below is a list of five of the best RV curtain ideas you should consider.

Can You Hang Curtains in an RV?

Not only can you hang curtains in your RV, but doing so is one of the easiest and cheapest renovations you can make.

Adding curtains to your motorhome can create the right environment and make your RV feel more like home.

Importance of RV Curtains

Many motorhome owners overlook the role of RV curtains, with most only seeing them as decorative tools. However, this could not be further from the truth.

RV curtains play an essential role in more than your motorhome’s interior look. They also go a long way in determining the comfort levels your RV can offer. For instance, they help prevent dust from entering your motorhome, even with open windows and doors.

Benefits of RV Curtains

Here are some of the advantages RV curtains can provide.

  • Insulated RV Curtains: RV curtains can help you muffle exterior noise, creating a more peaceful and tranquil environment.
  • Create a Finishing Touch on Your Décor: Curtains have a significant impact on your décor. They come in various color options, styles, and designs that help you add the finishing touch to your RV’s interior décor.
  • RV Blackout Curtains: They also help you control the amount of light entering your motorhome, allowing you to manage the light’s intensity.
  • Maintain Privacy: RV curtains enable you to safeguard your privacy, preventing strangers from peeking and prying into your private space.

RV Curtain Ideas

Redecorating your motorhome does not require repainting or changing its floor plan. You can transform your RV’s entire look and feel by simply changing the curtains.

Some innovative curtain ideas for an RV include:

  • Replace Worn-Out Shades: Replace tattered shades with curtains that enhance your RV’s look and provide better light control.
  • Use Cut-up Bed Sheets: One of the most affordable RV door curtain ideas is buying cheap, stylish bed sheets to create curtains that implement stunning colors and exciting patterns.
  • Use Thumb Tacks: You could also use thumb tacks to attach curtains to your window valance. This method is one of the easiest ways to implement various RV window curtain ideas.
  • Modernize The Valance Design: As far as RV privacy curtain ideas go, they don’t get simpler than swapping out your old valance with modern, sleekly designed curtains.
  • Use Self-Adhesive Hooks: Self-adhesive hooks make implementing RV outdoor shower curtain ideas easier, allowing you to put up your curtains without drilling holes into the walls.

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Don’t let an old, tattered valance keep you from camping and traveling in style. Consider implementing some of these innovative curtain ideas on your RV.

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