How to Sanitize Your RV Water System
At Kirkland RV Sales, one of the most common questions our technicians get is some version of how to sanitize an RV freshwater tank. If you want to buy a trailer, learning how to disinfect an RV water tank with household items or a commercial RV water tank sanitizer is always a good idea. It’s […]
Ultimate Guide to RV Roof Repair
Your RV deserves proper care, including adequate and effective RV roof repair. Here, we examine how to repair your RV roof and what signs indicate leaks, plus how to prevent worsening problems and costing repairs. Types of RV Roofs and How to Repair Each RV roof leak repair depends on the roof type. The different […]
How to Repair RV Plumbing
Many people who love the idea of an adventurous life, flexibility, and freedom of movement often consider the option of getting an RV. However, some have second thoughts due to the biggest RV issue—plumbing. What happens if something goes wrong with your RV plumbing? How does RV plumbing work? How to repair RV plumbing? Keep […]
How to Repair RV Water Damage
Water damage is a common occurrence in older RV vehicles. Water can seep into several areas that can lead to extensive damage to the interior of the RV, the appliances, or electrical components. For these reasons, it is essential to repair water leaks when they appear to prevent further RV water damage. How to Check […]
Importance of RV Tires Maintenance
Checking your RV tires is an essential maintenance activity to ensure the optimal operation of these vehicles. The tires for any RV have to deal with many issues that can cause possible danger. However, their design ensures that the vehicle’s occupants remain safe and enjoy their journey on the open road.     Tire companies […]
How to Inspect Different RV Leaks
There is nothing worse than finding a flaw in your beloved, dream recreational vehicle. However, when it comes to RVs, this is an unfortunate reality. As these vehicles age, they can succumb to the water damage caused by leaks around various parts of the main cabin. When these leaks occur, they can cause significant damage […]