Going On an RV Trip With Your Pets
At Kirkland RV, we know that RVing with pets is an amazing way to share your family vacation with your furry friends. It’s a romantic picture really, with your partner, gorgeous scenery and your dog or cat all living in your RV peacefully together. There are things that you need to consider as a pet […]
RV Decorating Ideas
At Kirkland RV, we know having a functional RV is essential for any good road trip. On top of convenience, it’s also extremely important to have a cozy RV that feels like home. After all, the whole purpose of RVing (as opposed to camping) is so that you can travel in comfort — all the […]
RV Spring Maintenance With 5 Tips and Checklist
Spring is coming soon and Seattle RV owners across the nation are starting to think about prepping their rigs for the adventures of 2020. Just like any other vehicle, motorhomes require regular maintenance in order to run properly and increase their longevity — especially if your RV has been parked all winter. If you have […]
How to Pack Your RV Like a Pro Traveler
Packing your RV for an upcoming road trip usually takes some time. If this is your very first RV trip or just your first road trip in a long time, then it’s helpful to have an RV packing list to consult to keep you from forgetting important items. Our RV experts here at Kirkland RV […]
Camping in a Tent vs Camping in an RV: Which is Best for You?
At Kirkland RV Sales, we know a lot about camping. You may be asking yourself what is the best way to have an awesome camping family vacation that will be memorable and fun? While many vacationers are loyal to traditional camping in a tent, others are beginning to embrace RV camping as an alternative. If you […]
Benefits of Buying A Class C Motorhome?
Searching for the perfect motorhome for your upcoming family road trip? If so then you’ve come to the right place! If you are new to the world of RV’s, this article will help you understand the common features of a popular motorhome type — the Class C motorhome. What Is A Class C Motorhome? The […]