RV Decorating Ideas


At Kirkland RV, we know having a functional RV is essential for any good road trip. On top of convenience, it’s also extremely important to have a cozy RV that feels like home.

After all, the whole purpose of RVing (as opposed to camping) is so that you can travel in comfort — all the while enjoying the local terrain, of course.

Whether you have just purchased an RV or are looking for decorating ideas for when you do buy an RV, here are some great decorating ideas to help make your RV or travel trailer cozy and homelike.

rv decorating cozy travel trailer

Making Your RV Feel Cozy

While it’s difficult to achieve home-level coziness in an RV, it is entirely possible. Make your RV or travel trailer cozy by implementing a homey color palette and accents.

Elements to include in your cozy RV makeover include:

  1. A fragrant candle (or two!).
  2. A cozy blanket or throw
  3. A fuzzy area rug
  4. Decorative pillows
  5. Window curtains for added privacy

Take elements that make your home feel cozy and add them throughout your RV.

People often spend weeks or months at a time living in their RVs, with such a long stay in mind, it makes sense that you should prioritize not only convenience but also comfort.

Making sure that your travel trailer or RV is cozy is one of the best ways to ensure that you don’t tire of your travels and that your setup is ideal for your family situation.

RV Decorating Tips

Once you have made your RV feel like home with cozy features, it’s time to focus on decorating. Decorating your RV may seem like a small thing, but it helps to make the space truly feel like your own.

Adding personalized decor here and there will help you settle into your RV and ensures that you won’t feel out of place in your RV.

Some decorating tips from our RV experts here at Kirkland RV include:

  1. Don’t skimp on lighting: use fairy lights, Christmas lights, or small lamps to light your RV. Decorative touches like these will make your RV feel cozy and will also benefit your aesthetic.
  2. Personalize your RV: add some personalized plaques here and there throughout your RV. Personalizing your space will make your RV feel so much more like home. Who doesn’t like cute plaques with a witty quote on it?
  3. Use cute organizational furniture: organizing your RV doesn’t need to be bland. There are so many RV and home stores with organizational furniture that is both practical and beautiful. Baskets, crates, and wall-mounted shelves are not only aesthetically pleasing but also practical for RVers.
  4. Create personal space: RV travel can make you claustrophobic from time to time. It’s important when traveling in a group to make sure that each person has at least a small amount of personal space to call their own. You can make personal space by creatively sectioning areas of your RV.
  5. Bring favorite items from home: have a favorite mug? What about your cozy at-home slippers? Our advice? Bring them! If there are items at your home that you use often and that makes you feel comfortable, why not bring them on the road? Small things like these really emphasize that your RV is your home away from home and make you feel comfortable while on the road.
  6. Liven up your RV with an indoor garden: plants are an excellent way to add color to your RV and are also beneficial for indoor air.

Choose New Interior Paint For Your RV

Another interior decorating idea that your RV will benefit from is adding new wall paint.

Have your tastes have changed since your RV was last painted? Or maybe you bought the RV used and it came with a paint color that you don’t like.

Whatever the case, choosing a new interior paint is one way to practically boost the aesthetic of your RV. Choose a color palette that matches both your style and RV decor.

Theming your RV interior by adding a new coat of interior paint is one of the most effective ways to decorate your RV. This can be done through themed decor and colors and is a very good way to make all the elements in your RV cohesive.

Bring In The Professionals

Looking for the perfect RV for your upcoming road trip? We are here to help!

Here at Kirkland RV, we offer a selection of RVs and travel trailers that’ll make you feel like you’re at home while on the road.

We know how important it is to have a comfortable and cozy RV to travel in and want to help you find your second home.

If you would like to view our selection of RVs, contact us today or visit Kirkland RV for a tour of our lot. It’s our goal to help you find the perfect road tripping vehicle for a cozy and roadworthy home.