How to Fix Common RV/Camper Repairs

RV Maintenance and repair in WA


Here, the camper repair experts at Kirkland RV Sales examine how you can fix common RV issues and why their team is the best in Washington for professional fixes on significant issues you cannot tackle alone.

Importance of Camper Repair Service

Most people don’t use their campers for short city drives but rather to reach far-off, remote locations away from the world. While that’s great if you reach your destination without a hitch, the downside is that if your RV breaks down, you’ll be hours removed from cell phone service or anyone that can help.

Camper repair is valuable even if your RV’s problems don’t stop it from running. Campers are luxury vacation vehicles, and you won’t have an enjoyable getaway if it’s plagued with a quality of life issue like poor plumbing or failing AC.

RV Camper Repair

Preventing Unexpected Issues

We also recommend scheduling regular maintenance in addition to camper repairs so that if your RV has any hidden issues, we can fix them before they spiral into something worse.

Common Camper Repair

Our camper repair shop fixes several minor and significant RV issues, but you can also address many of them yourself, including:

Camper Tire Blowouts

Fixing a blowout camper tire is similar to replacing one on a standard vehicle. As long as you have a jack and replacement tire, which cost roughly $150, you can address the issue without special tools.

Camper Leaky Roof

If the leak is small enough, you can patch it with store-bought sealant. You can also come into Kirkland RV Sales, and our camper RV repair team will give you a more permanent fix.

Camper Plumbing Repairs – Toilet and Water Systems

Most RV plumbing issues happen because of a bad gasket, which you can repair or replace on your own if you can remove the toilet.

Camper Air Conditioner Does Not Cool

Before attempting any AC fixes, ensure your circuit breaker hasn’t tripped, as resetting it will fix your issue in a flash. However, if it’s not a breaker issue, you will need to come into Kirkland RV sales for professional service, as electrical problems can have hundreds of causes that are impossible to diagnose without a repair background.

No Battery Power

Recharging your battery should fix most power issues, but you must replace it if it’s damaged or corroded.

Issues with Camper’s Electrical System

Like your camper’s AC problems, you must schedule professional service to fix electrical systems since they don’t have a straightforward solution.

Camper Brake Repair

You can solve most minor brake issues by refilling the brake fluid, but you will need to get under your camper and replace the failing brakes if the problems are more severe.

Where Can I Find The Best RV Camper Repair Near Me?

Fixing a large and complex vehicle is challenging without professional help, even when you know the basic camper repair steps. So stop searching for “RV camper trailer repair near me” online or struggling through DIY repairs and bring your RV to the best camper repair team and distributer in Washington; Kirkland RV Sales.

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