How To Choose: RV’s or Tents?


In the great outdoors there are innumerable sights to behold and adventures to be had! Whether your trip takes you to the Rocky Mountains, British Columbia, the Olympic Forest, or the Grand Canyon, the thrill of the outdoor adventure is intoxicating.

And whether or not you’re a seasoned veteran of cooking over campfires, or a proponent of the increasingly popular ‘glamping’, it’s important that you travel the way you love. For you and your family, will that be a traditional tent or the ever-popular RV?

Tent or RV



Anytime you’re in the wilderness, you need some shelter. While a tent and an RV may provide this necessity, there are some distinctly notable differences that ought to be taken into consideration.

For example, tents are easily stored, take up little space while traveling, and do a fairly good job at keeping out the worst of the elements. They will keep in some warmth, keep out most of the rain, and they have the inarguable advantage of keeping you close to nature, giving you and yours the full wilderness experience.

While it’s nice to be close to nature, there are some elements of the great outdoors that many wise campers would prefer to avoid. Wandering forest predators have been known to disturb tents and their occupants. Also, the flimsy fabric of the tent’s walls doesn’t protect well against broken branches and debris during a windstorm.


While an RV might cost more than a tent, it’s far better shelter in every respect. Having a hard roof over your head can be a great comfort when an unexpected storm sweeps through the mountains. Additionally, when the temperature drops, you won’t wake in the middle of the night shivering or wishing you could spend the night in your car. And, of course, when the temperatures climb during the day and all the campers are sweating in the humid air, you can recline comfortably in your air-conditioned RV.

So, tent vs RV when it comes to shelter? RV’s come out on top! Review the variety of RV’s we have available in our RV listings.


Getting a good night’s sleep requires at least a moderate degree of comfort. We all know how unpleasant a trip can be when no one has had enough sleep—within a few days, the whole experience is soured and everyone is wishing for the comforts of home. Here’s how RV’s and tents stack up when it comes to comfort:


Tents CAN be comfortable. Sleeping on the ground, however, is very, very rarely comfortable. There is inevitably a stone you missed when clearing the tents area of debris, a pinecone that managed to get under the tent, or a stick that keeps poking your ribs.

Because of this fact, tent-campers should come prepared. Air mattresses, thick swaths of foam to put beneath your sleeping bag, or sleeping bags with mattresses inside of them are all good choices to bring along when you are tent camping.


In your RV, you may spend your night comfortably upon a thick mattress and be assured that when you awake, you will be refreshed and ready for the day. This is especially true for anyone with an aging back. Elderly couples can still enjoy a beautiful camping vacation without discomfort or pain, and younger families can also sleep soundly and deeply while adventuring through the great outdoors.

When it comes to comfort, RV’s win out again. Still unsure? Read through our customer testimonials to hear it from the campers themselves!




Let’s face it. A tent offers no amenities or facilities. If you wake up in the middle of the night to the call of nature, you will be tramping through the dark to the nearest bathroom. Any food that you wish to keep cold will have to be kept in coolers filled with ice. All cooking must be done on the grill, or over the campfire. Of course, for those who enjoy the rugged ‘getting back to nature’ adventures, this is the best sort of camping.


Not so with an RV. An RV can provide the full range of facilities and still keep you close to nature. While some features of the RV may vary depending upon the model, RV’s are generally equipped with refrigerators, ovens, microwaves, and, best of all, a private bathroom. Need we say more?

You can enjoy the beauty of the outdoors in many ways, and whether you do so in a tent or an RV, it’s up to you. But there are great advantages to opting for the RV rather than the tent. Of course, if you want to wake up with an aching back at 5 am to the sounds of birds chirping and other campers starting their breakfast fires, by all means, do so.

If, of course, you’re ready to make the switch from a tent to RV, consider looking through our listings of new and used RV’s. We have unbeatable prices, excellent service, and can save you the trouble of hours upon hours of research and decisions regarding models and price matching. Contact us for more information here.

Summer is approaching, and the camping season will soon be upon us—time to start preparing!