This type of motorhome is the kind that usually springs to mind when you mention the word ‘RV’. These recognizable motorhomes are often seen cruising down the highways, the very essence of adventure and luxury. Is this the type of motorhome that’s on your horizon?

Class A motorhomes are also known are coaches, motor coaches or pushers.

Class A Motorhome RV Sales


The Class A motorhome is truly one of the most deluxe motorhomes available. It is virtually a “home-away-from-home” in nearly every sense of the word, fully loaded and equipped for everything from short trips, to lengthy vacations and even full timing.

Class A motorhomes are self-contained units built on specially-designed chassis that vary in lengths from 26-45 feet. A popular aspect of the Class A RV is that they provide a feeling of openness, similar to that of a fixed, albeit small, home. The driving area is connected to the living area, providing easy access to the living quarters, and the box-like shape allows a variety of attractive floor plans.

Other commonly touted benefits of a Class A motorhome are:

  • Living access and family areas are accessible even while traveling.
  • Home-like ambiance due to spacious, open floor plans.
  • Many available additional features, including slide-outs to allow more space.
  • The most storage space of all RV types.
  • Large front window and height of the driver’s seat provides excellent view of the road.
  • Easy to drive on highways.
  • Able to tow vehicle behind or support a carrying platform on hitch receiver.
  • Visually appealing exterior.
  • Available with powerful rear-mounted diesel engine or with front-mounted gas or diesel engine.

Of course, not all aspects of the Class A motorhome are perfect. There are some considerations that potential buyers should contemplate before purchasing a Class A motorhome. The same qualities that are in the Class A’s favor are also those that can create potential problems.

  • The large size of the Class A can make it difficult to maneuver in tight spaces, and are generally too large to drive around towns, making alternate transportation a requirement.
  • It is the most expensive of all RV types, due to its size and features.
  • The connection of the driving compartment to the living space does not appeal to some individuals because they feel like they live ‘in a vehicle’.
  • Elevated driver position and the width of the vehicle can make it difficult to judge clearance on the right side.
  • The height of the vehicles can create clearance issues under low branches or structures. This problem is compounded if the motorhome is carrying items such as kayaks or canoes.
  • When not in use, requires a large storage area.
  • May have significant structural damage in crashes.
  • Slide-outs can malfunction and require repairs.

The Cost of Class A Motorhomes:

When considering whether a Class A coach will fit within your RV budget, there are a couple things to consider. Firstly, is the cost of the vehicle itself. A new model Class A motorhome will range in price from about $500,000 to $900,000. Used Class A motorhomes will cost decidedly less, mostly due to depreciation of the vehicle, which is significantly more than the depreciation of automobiles. Most used Class A motorhomes will range from approximately $80,000 to $350,000.

The other important aspect to consider for your RV budget is that this model of RV has the highest cost-per-mile. The average overall cost per mile for a coach RV is $.50 to $1.

Purchasing a Class A Motorhome:

Convinced that a Class A motorhome is your type of luxury? We have many available coach RV’s available, with prices ranging to fit virtually every budget. View our listings by clicking the image below, or contact our office in Everett, WA to schedule an appointment to see these beauties up close!