What’s the Difference Between a Class C vs Class B RV

rv class c vs class b


There are several differences between a Class C vs. Class B RV; we’ll touch on them in the sections below.

What is a Class B RV

Class B RVs are the smallest of the three standard types of motorhomes, ranging from 18 to 24 feet long. Most of them use a van chassis and have small kitchen, dining, and bathroom areas, but not much more.

Class B RVs stand out when comparing RV Class B vs. Class C for their mobility.

class b vs class c rv

What is a Class C RV

Class C RVs aren’t as long as Class A, but ranging from 21 to 41 feet, they’re the bigger option when comparing RV Class C vs. Class B. It’s standard for Class C RVs to have a bedroom and slide-out sleeping space, large kitchen, dining room, bathroom, and built-in outdoor living space.

When debating a Class C RV vs. Class B, opt for the former when you’re more focused on luxury.

rv class c vs class b

Comparing Class B vs. Class C RVs

Now that we know the basics of Class C vs. Class B RVs, we can compare the two and find the perfect fit for you.

Size and Dimensions

When comparing the size of a Class B RV vs. Class C, the winner depends on what needs. Class B is the better option if you want your camper to fit into any spot, while Class C is stronger if you want more living space.


Speaking of living space, Class C is the clear winner over Class B. Compared to the cramped Class B; it has more features and room to roam.


Class B RVs are harder to make since they use a van chassis and cost more than Class C.


Because Class B RVs are more compact, they provide a smoother, faster ride than Class C.

Floor Plans

Though Class C and Class B RVs each have multiple floor plans, you have six unique options with Class B and only three with Class C.

What to Look for When Choosing Between Class B vs. Class C

There is no clear winner in Class C vs. Class B RV debate. For camping enthusiasts, the final decision on which one to buy comes down to where they stand on the following criteria:

Vacationing vs. Full-Time RVing

Regarding Class B vs. C RV, Class C is superior since they provide more luxury, but Class B is ideal for full-time travelers since they make navigation easier.

Number of Travelers

Class C RVs are best if you’re traveling with a group; Class B RVs typically house just one or two people.

Sleeping Arrangements

While Class B RVs only have one sleeping area, Class C has multiple resting places.

Off-Roading and Boondocking

Class B’s mobility and size make it the superior off-road driving option when comparing RV Class B vs. C.

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