A Guide To Connecting A TV To An RV Antenna

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The nomadic lifestyle may be fun, but staying connected is still important. Whether you’re headed off on a one-week road trip or plan to spend months on the road, you’ll want to figure out how to connect your RV’s antenna to your TV. This way you can stay up to date on news, sports, and your favorite show while you travel. 

This article is going to discuss RV cable hook up and walk new RVers through the process of connecting their RV antenna to their TV.

3 RV Signal Options for RVers

There are three basic options for RVers to get service in an RV. These options are satellite, cable, or antenna. Today’s article will focus specifically on antennas and how you can hook your TV up using your RV antenna cable.


RV antenna setup guide


How to Hook up Your RV Antenna to Your TV

There are two different scenarios here, we’ll touch on both so that you know how to hook up your TV antenna either way.

How to Hook up Your RV Antenna to Your TV if Your RV Already has an Antenna

Take your cable that is attached to your crank-up antenna and connect it to your TV (this will be either a coaxial or HDMI inlet at the back of your TV). If you are unable to find the connection where the cable hooks up to your TV it may be located on the control box so look there.

After you’ve hooked up your antenna to the TV, decide the best place to mount your TV. Keep in mind the location of your TV should be convenient for watching as well as not too much in the way for everyday activities. One of the most efficient ways to place your TV in your RV is by mounting it with secure brackets to the wall (this saves space and makes your TV easier to watch). 

How to Hook up a New Antenna to Your TV

If you’ve just purchased a brand new satellite dish or crank-up antenna set, here’s your guide for how to hook that up to your RV TV.

Many satellite dishes and crank-up antenna sets will come with an extensive user manual, which should detail all of the steps you need to take to hook up your cable to the TV.

First, find the best spot for your new satellite dish or crank-up antenna on the roof of your RV. Secure the dish to the roof using a secure method (caulk, strong glue, or screws). When installing your satellite dish, keep in mind that most RV owners prefer the placement of their dish or antenna to be towards the rear of the RV. Also, keep in mind the length of your cables and the interior placement of your TV to ensure that they reach.

Next, you will need to run the cables from the satellite dish on the roof of your RV to the interior of your RV to connect to the TV. 

After you’ve run the cables, hook them up to your TV and securely mount your TV to the wall.

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