How Cooking In an RV Can Be Easier Than You Thought


Looking for RV cooking tips that will help keep you sane on your upcoming road trip? You’ve come to the right place!

Here at Kirkland RV, we understand the difficulties that come with cooking and eating in an RV. We are here to help you make your upcoming trip more convenient for everyone in your family with our 10 best RV cooking tips.

So buckle up and get your RV kitchen ready!

how to cook in rv


RV Cooking Tips

1. Plan the menu

You’d be surprised at how much having a menu minimizes the mess and stress of RV cooking. Our RVing experts would recommend that you plan out a menu before your RV trip and follow it during your trip.

Plan meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for each day of your RV trip. Get creative and make your menu fun.2. Grocery shop accordingly
Once you have your menu in hand, take to the stores and buy all the ingredients you will need for your meals.

Check all expiry dates and make sure that everything you buy will keep during your trip. If you are planning a longer trip, you can plan to go shopping during the course of your road trip as well.

3. Don’t make a three-course meal

Simplicity is wonderful when it comes to cooking in an RV.

Keep everything as simple as possible. Opt for the easiest and least time-consuming meals like soups or sandwiches.

4. Meal prep

Meal prepping is life-changing!

This is something you should practice on the daily at home and also take advantage of while RVing. Meal prepping will make cooking and eating in your RV so much easier than arriving in your kitchen and preparing everything as you are making the meal.

Have a meal prepping day once a week where you chop all veggies, meat, and fruit and store the prepped food in containers in the fridge.

5. Cook as little as possible

If you need to be in the kitchen cooking some meal or another, make sure to put the kitchen to good use and cook other meals at the same time. Store cooked meals in the refrigerator so that next time you need something quick for dinner, you can pull them out.

This will make cooking so much easier in your RV since you won’t have to dirty up the kitchen every day.

6. Clean your RV kitchen after each use

Don’t leave the mess for next time. You won’t even want to cook if you come into the kitchen and are faced with a huge disaster from the last meal that you cooked in there.

Make sure that you tidy your kitchen after each use and put away items that you used while cooking in your RV.

Your future self will be grateful for the effort.

7. Whenever possible, take the cooking outside

This eliminates so much mess!

If you are at a campground that has firepits, utilize them, and keep your spotless RV kitchen clean. This is an especially good tip if you are cooking for a larger group.

Cooking in a small RV kitchen can be very difficult if you need to cook for a large family or group. Make dinner that much easier by doing whatever cooking you can outside.

RV Eating Tips

1. Have dishes for each person

Color coordinate different colored plates to different people.

This will eliminate pointlessly having to wash dishes because this or that kid forgot what cup or plate was theirs.

If each person has their own dishes and they know their color, it will make things so much easier and will keep a mountain of dishes from forming.

2. Instruct each person to clear their plate

Many hands make light work. This saying couldn’t be truer than when it comes to cooking and eating in a crowded RV.

Have each person clear and wash their place setting. This will make sure that mom or dad doesn’t end up doing the majority of the cooking and still having to wash the dishes afterward.

3. Eat outside

If the weather is permitting, take your meal outside and eat on camping chairs.

This will make sure that food isn’t dropped on your RV floor and will keep the majority of the dinner mess outside.

RV Meal Ideas

Here are several fun meal ideas that are easy to cook and eat in an RV.

  1. Sloppy Joe’s (what could be more classic than that?)
  2. Slow cooker soups (chili, lentil soup, tortilla soup, etc.)
  3. Breakfast for dinner (this is such a fun idea with kids!)
  4. Street tacos
  5. Grilled cheese sandwiches & tomato soup

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