December RV Destination of the Month: Deception Pass


December is a busy month. Schedules are packed with shopping, decorating, cooking, and spending time with loved ones. For some RV owners, December is a month for the RV or trailer to wait patiently under a tarp for warmer weather. But at Kirkland RV, we believe the winter is just another kind of adventure waiting to happen. Why not take this holiday season to enjoy an RV vacation with friends and loved ones?

In the spirit of winter RVing, we chose Deception Pass as our December RV destination of the month. Whether you want to bring a whole party or simply get away from it all, we believe Deception Pass and Whidbey Island is the perfect place to spend your weekend.


Why Deception Pass?

If you live in the Seattle area, Deception Pass State Park is only a two-hour drive away, and the camping is open year round. The park features miles of beaches and hiking trails, bird watching opportunities, and even whale spotting. Visitors can explore the old growth forests and see the rough waters that were once braved by early settlers.

The area is home to one of Washington’s oldest forests, the incredible Hoypus Forest, that looks over the water. See for yourself why Deception Pass is the most visited state park!

Whidbey Island and Fort Casey

Deception Pass is the gateway from mainland Washington to beautiful Whidbey Island. Why not take a day and drive your RV across the island? If the gorgeous beaches, farmland, and quaint eateries aren’t enough, head to Fort Casey for an exciting day on the coast. Built in the late 1800s, the fort was designed to protect the Puget Sound from naval invasions. Over a hundred years later, it’s a unique state park, full of history and impressive views of the Sound.

For those looking to extend their December vacation, Fort Casey offers camping and plenty of activities, such as an interpretive center and lighthouse tours.

Planning Essentials  

Any vacation benefits from careful planning, but winter RVing demands more than food and an adventurous spirit. Before heading to Deception Pass, be sure to reserve a spot at Quarry Pond Campground. Holiday traffic may affect your drive, so check Google Maps for the quickest route. If you’re inclined to visit the CCC Interpretive Center at Deception Pass, it is only available by appointment during the winter months. Click here to learn more.

Get Ready for Your December RV Destination!

It’s time to break away from that busy schedule and relax on the coast. At Kirkland RV, we want to help make this a vacation worth remembering. Our experienced service team is ready and trained to prepare your RV for adventure all year round, and December is no exception. For more information on how we can serve you, call (425)-318-7613 or fill out our free online form today!