DIY – Upgrade Your RV


RV upgrades are one of the best ways to optimize your vehicle for the road. They are often very cost-effective, easy to implement, and create a higher quality road trip experience. 

If you are looking for amazing RV modifications that you can make to improve your travel experience, continue reading or get in touch with Kirkland RV today. 

amazing rv modifications

Best RV Upgrades

Killer RV upgrades are the best way to take your time on the road to the next level. Whether you’re new to the world of RVing or you’ve been an RV inhabitant since childhood, there are numerous ways that you can optimize and enhance your vehicle to make it more conducive to your traveling style. 

The following sections outline six ways that you can upgrade your RV before embarking on your next adventure. 

Get a New RV Mattress

The mattress that your RV comes with is rarely every top-notch quality. 

Rather than struggle through sleepless nights, upgrade to a new mattress that you actually enjoy using. Added bonus to upgrading your RV mattress, in contrast to regular mattress purchases, RV mattresses are relatively cost-effective.  

Five of the highest-rated RV mattresses include: 

  • Bear RV
  • Brooklyn Wanderlust Memory Foam
  • Off-Road Bedding Mattresses 
  • Brooklyn Aurora Hybrid 
  • Helix Midnight

Install a Keyless Entry System

Family members often express frustration at the fact that they are unable to access their RV without having a key-bearing individual present. This is especially annoying if mom or dad leave for a multi-hour hike and forget to leave the keys with the family members staying behind. 

A keyless entry system is convenient and ensures that everyone in your family can easily access your RV anytime they need. 

Install a Backup Camera 

RVs are some of the most challenging vehicles to maneuver and handle. Backing up can be especially difficult as it’s nearly impossible to tell what’s behind your rig and how close it is. 

A backup camera is not only a convenient solution to your trials but it’s also a way that you can make RVing more safe. 

Adhesive Wall Hooks

Most RVs lack any hanging space at all — which can be a problem if you have coats, sweaters, or other items that need a home during life on the road. 

A cost-effective solution to your RV’s lack of wall hooks is to buy adhesive hooks for your motorhome. Adhesive hooks are cheap, easy to find, durable, and inconspicuous, making them a convenient fix for RVers. 

Storage Dividers

Organization is king when it comes to RV living. Without adequate storage solutions, life on the road can be chaotic and stressful. 

Organizational dividers help neatly categorize your storage, cupboard, and drawer spaces so that you can access everything easily and without upsetting the other contents within. 

Wall Mounted Storage Baskets 

Mounting storage baskets on your RVs wall is a cute way to not only upgrade your storage options, but also lend character to your RVs interior. Storage baskets are ideal for storing food, games, and miscellaneous items that need a home on the road. 

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