Essential Fall Destination Tips for an Awesome RV Adventure


The arrival of fall brings far more than just colorful leaves and pumpkin-spice-flavored everything. It’s also the beginning of the perfect time of year for taking your RV on an adventure, no matter where you live in the United States there is always somewhere new to go.

Essential RV Destinations in the Fall

Getting to look at the still waters of mountain lakes reflecting fall splendor, camp in the shadow of ancient forests, and gaze upon hundreds of uniquely unforgettable vistas. Summer may be on its way out, but fall holds plenty of adventures for RV owners and RV families. Where should you go in your RV for some autumn color? Here are some tips for great destinations to visit in your RV this fall.  If you are not currently an RV owner but you want to be, Kirkland RV offers a wide range of used RV to fit your lifestyle.


Tennessee/North Carolina – The Great Smoky Mountains

The prevailing belief is that peak autumn foliage season in the Smokies is during October, and the most tourists looking to experience their fall splendor flock to this southern mountain range at that time. RV parks and hotels, motels, and all manner of other accommodations are booked solid.

What few people realize is the Great Smoky Mountains retain their colorful mantle well into the month of November. Get there later in the season, and you will find that there are for more vacancies available at the RV parks and plenty of fall color left to enjoy. Look for parks and accommodations around Cosby, Tennessee for the best experience and proximity to the Smokies themselves. Pack medium weight clothes for during the day (pants and light jackets), and have warmer coats and insulated sleeping bags for the cool nights.


Colorado – Aspen/Maroon Bells Mountains

It may be one of the foremost skiing resort towns in the world, but the Maroon Bells Range in White River National Forest hides the best fall foliage in the Rocky Mountain State. Glenwood Springs has a nice resort with an RV park, and there are dozens of other nearby towns and cities where you can camp out for the night and see the fall colors for yourself by day. It’s already much colder in Aspen by the time the trees begin to turn, so pack extra layers and better-insulated bedding.


Wyoming/Montana – Yellowstone National Park

With its narrow window for fall color before the annual snowfall begins, RV travelers want to plan their visit sometime between the 15th of October and the first week of November. The vast unspoiled wilderness of Yellowstone produces some of the most beautiful and varied fall colors in North America, and it is truly a peak life experience to see the mile-high autumn mantle in all its glory.

Check out the Grizzly RV Park in the Western Montana region of the park. The mountains and views here are sure to be everything you hope for in a fall vacation to see the trees take on their fiery hues. Nights can get downright frigid during the two weeks of fall, and the winter weather can set in suddenly in Yellowstone. Pack layers for your clothing and bedding, and keep some winter gear handy in case the snow comes early.


Ohio – Hocking Hills

The southeastern corner of Ohio hides one of the best-kept fall foliage secrets in the United States—Hocking Hills. Here you will find miles of deciduous forest alight with autumn colors. Scattered here and there throughout this vast ocean of trees are cliffs, gorges, and waterfalls akin to something out of a fairy tale or a tall tale of the early American wilderness. The town of Logan has the closest RV parks to The Hills, though there are others nearby to choose from as well if you don’t mind a longer drive. If you are nearby and can make the trip during the October-November peak color season, your efforts will be well rewarded.

Weather is fairly temperate in the fall here, so plan on medium weight clothing layers and bedding for your trip. You may find that you can get by with your summer gear just fine in the fall too, as the weather has been staying warmer longer the last few years.


Vermont – The Green Mountain National Forest

There’s no fall foliage like New England Fall Foliage, and The Green Mountain National Forest is among the finest places in the Northeast to see real autumn colors like nowhere else in the world. As nature preserve established in 1932, this entire area has old growth trees that light up the foothills and mountainside each year as though they were touched by wildfire.

Look for the closest accommodations around Bennington, though there are plenty of wonderful other places a short drive away that offer excellent RV accommodations, too. Pack for the mountains with varying layers from light to heavy, and make sure you have extra warm bedding just in case. The weather changes fast in the far northeast, and what is a balmy and temperate week can turn cold and even snowy in October and November.


Maine – Acadia National Park

While Vermont and New Hampshire have truly beautiful fall colors to take in, no one should ever say they have seen New England in the fall until they have visited Acadia National Park. This large island off the Atlantic is famous for its late-season fall splendor, and far less traffic and tourist pressure on RV parks and other places to stay the closer you visit the onset of winter. Some choose to start their New England fall journey here, while others find it the perfect finishing touch for an autumn trek of the New England Fall Foliage.

Regardless of where it falls on your itinerary, definitely try to stay at Blackwoods Campground, which lies within the Acadia park itself. From here, you can easily hike or drive to any of the best views of the park overlooking the landward or seaward side. Pack warm clothes for the nights and evenings by the fire, and definitely make sure you have plenty of warm bedding. The cold winds off the sea can be bitter even in October, and the closer to winter you visit the more biting the winds become.


Final Thoughts

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