Must-Have Essential RV Camping Supplies & Accessories – 2020

Best RV supplies


Planning the first trip in your newly-acquired motorhome from Kirkland RV is always a great deal of fun! There are more than 130 national parks that offer awesome camping grounds with great commodities for RVers. But, you’ll also need to make sure you have the essential RV camping supplies and equipment required to safely drive and enjoy the features found in most campgrounds.

There are hundreds of different supplies and features you can get for your camper. That said, making sure you have the right pieces of equipment may be tricky, especially for first-time RV owners that have recently bought their first rig.

In this article, we’ll share our list of essential RV camping supplies and accessories every motorhome owner should carry on a road trip.

Do You Need to Get Accessories for Your RV?

Before going over the list of must-have RV accessories, we need to go over the importance of getting the right accessories for your motorhome. While it may be the biggest expense, buying your motorhome doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s ready to hit the road.

All RVers are different, and there are hundreds of options, so each family will want different things. With this in mind, you should have a basic set of supplies that allows you to enjoy the features that campgrounds have available. These include electricity, water, and other functional options that you won’t be able to use – unless you have the right supplies.

Best RV supplies

Must-Have Essential RV Supplies & Camping Accessories

From straps to hoses, tanks, and cookware, RV supplies can be used for a variety of purposes. But, there’s a setlist of items that every good motorhome owners should have in their RVs.

Here’s our take on the must-have RV accessories that should go with you on every road trip.

Pressure Regulator for Water

Like most seasoned motorhome owners will tell you, water in your RV’s nemesis. If the water pressure in your next stop is too much for your pipes to handle, they may burst and flood your rig. This, in turn, can produce long-term problems that range from mold to rust and everything in between.

How to avoid this? Simple, get a water pressure regulator. This simple accessory allows you to adjust the water pressure so that it doesn’t damage your motorhome.

Sturdy Power Cord

If you’re making an RV packing list, you have to remember to include shore power cords. These are used to connect your rig to the campsite’s electric grid, rather than running on your own juice. Like water, an electric overload can be lethal for your RV, so make sure you get quality cords that are suitable for the exact model you’re driving.

Water Hose

Getting a regulator is a good start, but you’ll also need a durable hose that you can use to fill up your fresh water supply. In many parks, the water spout may be located far away from your RV, so you should carry at least two long hoses that can be connected in case of worst-case scenarios.

Security Features

While camping at parks is relatively safe, you should always pay attention to the safety features in your RV. This goes for both driving safety and securing your motorhome when you’re at the campground.

Many RV owners opt for getting rear cameras installed that help parks your RV. In addition, you can also opt for motion-activated lights and a good alarm. If you are concerned about a miss-doer driving away with your new RV, you can also get a high-quality hitch lock to help keep your vehicle safe.

Quality Drain Hose and Rubber Gloves

Since we’re covering RV must-haves, it’s important to have a good drain hose for your black tank. Even though it’s not the most pleasant experience, clearing out your waste tank is critical for your motorhome. As a friendly tip, also get yourself some thick rubber gloves you can wash and store in your recreational vehicle. Regardless of how good your hose is, the process can always get a bit messy.

Levelers and Chocks

Levelers and chocks can be listed under the safety section, but they are crucial for your RV, so they deserve a space of their own.

Although it’s not immediately obvious, having your motorhome on leveled ground is necessary for all of the accessories to work properly, including most RV refrigerators. Leveling blocks will help keep your RV steady and ensure that it’s working properly.

Chocks will stop your motorhome from rolling while you’re not looking. Even if your vehicle has automatic breaks, make sure you get chocks you can log around and place wherever you go.

Hygiene Supplies

The main issue with forgetting hygiene supplies is that you always remember you don’t have them when you need them most, and it’s usually too late by then. For this reason, you should always carry all the hygiene supplies you think you’ll need as soon as you leave. Sure, toilet paper may take up some of your storage space, but better safe than sorry!

Refrigerator Bars

It’s normal for inexperienced RVers to set out on the road without thinking about the items in the refrigerator. If this happens to you, you’ll probably need to make a stop and clean up the mess once the rattling begins. Instead, get refrigerator bars that help you keep all of your edibles and fresh products in place while you move.

Toolset and Replacement Fuses

Burnt fuses are one of the most common RV issues. But, regardless of how small the issue is, you’ll probably need a toolset in order to take a look. The lesson here? Always pack a good toolset and space fuses, so you don’t skip a beat.

Get the Best RV Supplies from a Reliable Provider

The most important thing to remember while getting your essential RV camping supplies is to find a reliable provider. This will help ensure the quality of the items you buy, which also applies to the RV dealer you choose.

If you want to learn more about the best accessories or finding a new motorhome, get in touch with our team, and we will be glad to help.