A fifth wheel RV is a spacious type of motorhome that bridges the gap between the luxurious coach motorhomes, also known as Class A, and the travel trailers. These allow for the greatest quantity of amenities and the largest amount of living space, thanks to their ability to have expandable sections and more slide-out areas than other models of motorhomes. They may even be equipped with upper and lower level living space.

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A fifth wheel RV is a spacious type of motorhome that connects directly to the tow truck above the rear axle by way of a special fifth wheel hitch. Several feet of the connected trailer will hang over the back of the towing vehicle, placing about 15-25% of the weight of the trailer on the rear axle of the truck. This allows for easier navigation while traveling.

The fifth wheel RV may also be referred to as a fiver. Toy haulers may also be classified as a type of fifth wheel vehicle, however, toy haulers are designed for the transport of small cars, dune buggies, four-wheelers, and motorcycles, rather than accommodation for vacationers.

The enormous variety of additional features and slide-outs that can be added to the fifth wheel motorhome provide any potential RV-enthusiast with a wide array of choices. These can be chosen to fit virtually any family size. They are a common choice of RV for retired couples that intend to travel widely, as they have greater fuel economy and allow for more mobility than Class A or Class C motorhomes.

Some of the greatest features of the fifth wheel motorhome are:

  • An enormous variety of layouts and designs
  • Offers full features, including kitchen, bathroom and shower, sleeping quarters, dining space, and entertainment areas
  • Easier and safer to tow and back up than travel trailers
  • Spacious floor plans allow for full-timers
  • Provides more interior space per length foot as it does not contain driving or engine compartments
  • Provides the most storage of any RV type
  • Towing vehicle doubles as local transportation
  • Often feature a panoramic window at the back of the RV

While the benefits of the fifth wheel motorhome are many, there are some aspects that should be considered by potential buyers. The very qualities that make it so desirable can also present some possible problems to some potential buyers:

  • Requires a truck with a fifth wheel hitch in bed for towing
  • Large trailers will require a medium to heavy-duty truck for towing
  • Driving and living compartments are separate, so living area is inaccessible while moving
  • Cannot tow vehicle behind fifth wheel trailer
  • Top clearance may be a concern under low hanging branches or low structures, a problem compounded when carrying items on the roof
  • Requires large storage area when not use

The Cost of a Fifth Wheel Motorhome in Seattle:

The fifth wheel travel trailer is high and above the most popular choice for RV travel. This is in part due to the comparably inexpensive purchasing price compared to other types of RV equal to it in luxury and space, such as the Class A motorhome, and in part due to its incredible array of customizable features.

When considering your RV budget, the first item to assess is the cost of the RV itself. Most new fifth wheel motorhomes will range in cost from $15,000 to $80,000. The great variance in cost is due to various additions and features that may be added.

Used fifth wheels will be significantly less of an investment for buyers while still providing a selection of extremely high-quality RV homes. Used fifth wheels will range in cost from approximately $5,000 to $60,000.

When determining the cost of travel for a fifth wheel motorhome in Seattle, you must first consider how many miles to the gallon your towing vehicle gets. Because of the greater weight of the fifth wheel motorhome, you can expect the miles per gallon to decrease from 5-15 miles per gallon.

Purchasing a Fifth Wheel Motorhome:

Is this popular RV choice your favorite as well? Fifth wheel RV’s are reputable, reliable, and an excellent choice for any family and any budget. Our RV dealership has many fifth wheel motorhomes available, and would love to meet with you and your family to decide together what fifth wheel will best suit your family’s next adventure!

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