Full-Time RV Living: Tips On How To Live In A Motorhome


Full-time RV living is incredibly fun and rewarding. For many RVers, full-time living in an RV has given them the chance to downsize and simplify their lives. While full-time RV living has dozens of perks, it can also be difficult at times. In order to retain your sanity and make your RV lifestyle sustainable, here are five tips you should implement.


full rv living


1. Evaluate How Much Space You’ll Need

This tip is for new full-time RVers who have yet to pick out their motorhome. Making the decision to downsize and put your life on wheels should be done with a lot of consideration as to how much space is really necessary. 

Take into consideration the following factors that will affect how much space you require for full-time RV living.

  1. Do you have kids or a partner who you’ll be sharing your RV with? Even just living with one other person in an RV full-time means that you’ll need a more spacious vehicle to be comfortable.
  2. Are you traveling with pets? Living in an RV full-time with pets also means that you’ll be needing more space (unless of course your pet is a goldfish).
  3. Full-time RV living requires more space and amenities than a short road-tripping RV has. If you are planning on living in your RV full-time, you need a vehicle equipped to handle full-time living. While we all can go without certain amenities for a short, two-week road trip, these amenity deficiencies become more pronounced the more time we spend on the road. 

2. Stay Active While on the Road

Staying in shape and active is surprisingly difficult on the road. Develop a plan for staying active and healthy while you live in the RV. Get a quick run in every morning before breakfast or some other quick exercises. If you have pets or kids you can involve them in the workout too. A brisk run with your dog or hike with your partner is a good way to get out in nature and get the blood circulating each morning.

3. Get Good RV Insurance 

It’s wise to always be prepared if you are living full-time in an RV. research and buy good RVers insurance. RV repairs can get pricey real quick when you don’t have good insurance. Planning is the best form of prevention when it comes to being a full-time RVer, so get yourself some quality insurance.

4. Get Organised 

Downsizing and living full-time in an RV requires good organizational skills. Without thorough organization and constant tidying, full-time RV living becomes claustrophobic and stressful. Take advantage of organizational furniture to keep your RV clean at all times.

5. Keep a Schedule 

Spontaneity is a good quality and keeps life exciting. Spontaneity becomes overwhelming when each day is unstructured and left to chance. In order to successfully live full-time in an RV, you must create a schedule to keep you on track. Plan days or times for exploration and spontaneity, so that you still have time for activities without letting them take over entire days. 

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