Guide To RV Internet And Making Your Trip A Success

Internet for a RV


In this digital age, staying connected to friends and family while traveling is essential. Besides connectivity, WiFi access is essential for charting the best route while road tripping, avoiding closed roads, and finding the best rest areas along the route. The US is a vast country and those brave enough to traverse the highways and byways need to be connected enough to not get hopelessly lost in the process.

WiFi is probably the biggest concern that RVers have. Staying current with road safety along selected routes. What’s more, when it comes to internet options for RVers, the selection is limited and information scant. It can be difficult to tell which internet options are best for your situation and so this article will act as your guide to finding WiFi while on the road.

1. Use Public WiFi

The first and probably most popular RV internet option is to use public WiFi. This means stopping at Starbucks, other coffee shops, libraries, McDonald’s rest stops, public parks, or grocery stores to connect to the internet. While this isn’t always a convenient option (I mean, think small towns in America and you’ll be able to see why WiFi might be difficult to come by).

One concern about public WiFi is connection safety, so it’s wise to only use public WiFi with the protection of a VPN.

2. Cellular Data

This is an excellent option for many RVers as cellular data is likely something they already have on their phones. Many phone service providers offer cellular data packages that can extend to laptops or tablets.

We’d advise RVers to get in touch with their service providers before embarking on their RV road trip to ask if the service provider covers different areas where the itinerary will be taking them as well as what their data limits are. Many plans have unlimited cellular data nowadays but the caveat might be that the service is unbearably slow.

If you have Apple products you’ll be glad to know that you can use your cellular data on your phone to create a hotspot for other devices like laptops or iPads. While this cellular data hotspot won’t offer speedy WiFi, it will still give you some level of connectivity and allow you to use basic mapping apps (if you aren’t crazy far from one of your service provider’s cell towers).

If you don’t have unlimited data and you want to buy more to avoid crazy fees, talk with your service carrier and ask them if they provide service plans for laptops and tablets as well.

3. Satellite

One of the more expensive options, this works really well if you plan on camping and driving through very remote areas for an extended period of time. This will ensure that you get fast internet service from a satellite provider. Two of the most popular satellite internet providers are HughesNet and Viasat. If you are going to be in need of a reliable internet connection during your travels and cost is not a huge concern for you, satellite is probably the best route for you.

4. Cable

This is a wonderful option for long term RVers who spend most of their time plugged in at an RV park. Cable or DSL internet options provide RVers with reliable, high-speed internet access while they are at the RV park. If you are a long term RVer and spend the majority of your time at the RV park, cable or DSL connections will suit you just fine.

How to Figure Out Which RV WiFi Option is Best for You

Now that you’ve been presented with the RV internet options you are probably feeling overwhelmed and wondering how on earth you’ll be able to determine which RV internet option to choose.

As RV experts, our team has concluded that the best RV internet option depends on the individual camper and their unique travel style. Do you spend most of your time at the RV park? If so, you could probably get along just fine using the campground WiFi. Or, are you a wilderness road tripper or boondocker? These types of traveling require a good, strong connection that won’t fail (something like satellite).

First, determine what style of RVing you plan on doing and choose your RV internet option with that in mind.

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