A Guide to RV Organization


RV Organization Ideas

Living in an RV requires organizational skills. Without an RV organization strategy, your space will become cluttered and disorganized. To avoid this common RVer error, here are some helpful ideas that will act as your guide to RV organization.

Never Take Items You Don’t Need

The first rule of RV organization, never take items that you aren’t sure that you’ll need. If you haven’t used an item in more than three months, chances are you won’t be needing it.

A Place For Everything & Everything in its Place

This is an adage but still carries a lot of truth today. Ensure that everything you bring on your RV trip has a place that it is always returned to after use. This is one of the most basic but important RV organizational tips.

Clean Aggressively

Your RV should be cleaned multiple times a day. Clean after every meal, throughout the day, and after each snack or cup of coffee. Never leave lunch dishes in the sink or dirty coffee cups on the counter. Cleaning is one of the easiest forms of RV organization and only takes a few minutes to do.

Get Organizational Furniture

Organizational furniture can be such a life and space saver in the life of an RVers. This is probably the most important RV organization idea and will help you keep your RV clean and tidy. 

Some of the best organizational furniture for RVers are the following:

Over the Door Organizer

These are one of the cheapest and most convenient organizational furniture pieces available for RVers. At a minimal cost, you can get yourself one of the best organizational features on the market. Over the door, organizers are perfect for your bathroom door and for storing toiletries or other miscellaneous items.

Get Hanging or Collapsible Furniture

RV organization ideas can get very creative. As more and more people are living in small spaces, the demand for space-savvy furniture has grown. Get a hanging wastebasket, a hanging fruit basket, or collapsible chairs and side tables. This will maximize your space and create an organized RV that you enjoy living in.

Install a Peg Wall or Board

Both aesthetically pleasing and extremely practical, what better way to keep your RV organized than with a peg wall or board? This could be in the kitchen or along an empty wall. This is a great RV organization idea for DIYers as building a peg wall is a pretty easy project. Hang decor, kitchenware, or other small items on your peg wall to keep your RV organized and tidy.

Get a Kitchen Caddy

Another RV organization idea is to invest in a small kitchen caddy. Kitchen caddies are cute, practical, and easily secured to the floor or wall of your RV. Dishes, kitchen utensils, and cookbooks can be stored neatly in a kitchen caddy without adding clutter or disorganization. As the kitchen area of your RV will be where you spend a lot of time, it’s essential to make it an organized space.

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