How Much Does An RV Cost: What To Consider When Buying An RV


You have finally made the bold decision to buy an RV. Firstly, excellent decision-making.

Secondly, to help you understand the costs of your RV, we decided to provide you with some vital information. Budgeting for your RV experience will ensure your RV experience is a really great one.

Let’s explore some key considerations to remember when shopping for an RV and related costs.

RV Costs And Other Related Costs?

The cost of an RV depends on several factors such as:

Type of RV

The type of RV you choose will significantly impact the cost. Various RVs, including motorhomes, travel trailers, and fifth wheels, are available. RVs are typically the most expensive, followed by fifth wheels and travel trailers.

Size and Features of RV

The size of the RV will also impact the cost.

Naturally, larger RVs will generally be more expensive than smaller ones. The features of the RV will also determine the purchase price. Once again, this can vary greatly due to the diverse selection of features and extras available for RVs. Some standard features to consider include slide-outs, awnings, and outdoor kitchens.

RV Brand and Overall Condition

RVs that are manufactured by well-known brands that tend to be popular are more expensive than their counterparts. However, this does not mean you can’t have your dream RV at a price that suits your budget. The sheer selection of RVs available caters to consumers of different income brackets and affordability.

When Purchasing an RV, Expect These Costs

Now, let’s narrow this down with some detailed costs of buying an RV.

  • Down payment

Expect to put down 10-20% of the cost of a new motorhome, which varies based on the bank financing your loan. You may be able to score a no-down payment deal.

  • Document preparation fees

Expect to pay around $200 for preparing all the loan paperwork, which can be worked into your monthly payments.

  • RV prep fee

Expect to pay an RV prep fee of around $895, which the dealership charges to get your RV ready for you (top off the gas, propane, clean the inside, etc.).

  • Warranty coverages

Be prepared to be presented with multiple options for warranty coverage, ranging from vehicle and tire coverage to roadside assistance coverage and GAP insurance coverage.

  • Other upselling

You will encounter several upselling opportunities, including a ResistAll® protective coat for the outside and inside of the RV for $60 per foot ($1,800 for us).

  • Insurance

Expect to purchase insurance for your RV before driving it off the lot, which can cost $100.80 upfront and $74.42 per month.

  • Plates and title expenses

Expect to pay $17.00 for the title and $90.00 for new plates for your RV (if you bought it out of state).

  • Storage fee

Expect to pay a storage fee if you need a place to store your RV. Costs for storage average $34.24 per month.

  • Additional purchases

Expect to purchase items that are separate from your RV, such as a sewer kit ($42.95), a fresh water hose ($27.95), and other items that the dealership highly recommends.

  • Front tire alignment

Expect to pay $75.00 for a front tire alignment after your RV is fully loaded.

  • Gas

With an 80-gallon tank, expect to spend around $300 to fill the gas tank.

  • Dealer orientation

Expect several hours at the dealership when you pick up your RV. A technician will show you how everything works inside and out, answer your questions, and recommend additional products you may need.

Financing Options For RVs

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