How Much Does RV Insurance Cost?

rv insurance


RV insurance can average around $125 per month and depends on factors like driving history, RV type, location, and credit score. Savings can be achieved by bundling policies, completing a safety course, and establishing a storage period.

RV Insurance Cost by RV Type

RV insurance differs for part-time and full-time RVers based on how frequently the RV is used. Insurers consider how the RV is used to determine coverage options and the level of risk associated with it.

Full-time RVers who spend most of the year traveling are at higher risk for incidents, such as collisions and liability issues.

Type And Value Of The RV

The type and value of the RV are two important factors that significantly impact insurance costs. Generally, larger or more expensive RVs will have higher premiums than smaller or less expensive models. This is because larger and more expensive RVs are typically more difficult and expensive to repair or replace in the event of an accident or damage.

It’s important for RV owners to carefully consider the type and value of their RV when selecting insurance coverage and be prepared to pay a higher premium for a larger or more expensive model.

Factors Affecting RV Insurance Costs

The type of insurance also affects the costs.

Complete Personal Liability

This coverage safeguards you from legal liability stemming from injuries that occur inside your RV or on your adjacent property. You may not need vacation liability coverage if you have complete personal liability since they offer similar protection, but the latter provides year-round coverage for full-timers.

Personal Property Coverage

It is unusual for RV insurance policies to include personal effects like electronics, costly jewelry, and outdoor equipment, particularly for part-time RVers who do not always keep their valuables inside their RV.

However, full-time RVers require personal property coverage to guarantee reimbursement for their prized possessions while on the go.

Tips for Reducing RV Insurance Premiums

To save on RV insurance, take advantage of discounts, bundle your policy with your auto and home insurance, and establish a storage period to get lower rates.

Look for discounts on an insurer’s website or from an agent, and consider finding a company that allows bundling.

Some insurers may offer a lower rate if you agree to store your RV for a set period each year.

Understanding RV Insurance Pricing

Your insurance pricing is directly proportional to the amount of coverage you need. It’s crucial to have enough coverage to replace your RV in case of a total loss.

Consider comprehensive coverage, which compensates for damage to or destruction of your RV due to factors other than collision, such as theft, vandalism, fire, falling objects, storms, and more. Make sure you have enough coverage to replace your RV in any of these scenarios.

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