How Much is My Camper Worth?


If you are considering selling your camper and upgrading, you are probably wondering, “how much is my camper worth?” 

Factoring in depreciation, mileage, and condition are all difficult for RVers who are selling their first camper or wondering how much their camper is worth for a trade in.

To learn how much your camper is worth, continue reading or give Kirkland RV a call today to speak with one of our RV experts. 

How much is my Camper Worth

How Much is My Camper Worth?

To answer the question, let’s take a look at the factors that affect camper value. 

Below are three of the most important factors when it comes to how much your camper is worth.


Is the mileage on your camper within an average range? How does your camper run? Campers with lower than average mileage are worth more than campers with above-average miles. 


When considering the overall condition of your camper, inspect to see if there are any dents, scratches, water damage, discoloration, mold, or water leaks in your vehicle. 

What have you done to maintain the condition of your camper? How would you describe its condition? Rate your camper using one of the following sentences: 

  • Brand new
  • Good condition
  • Moderate wear and tear
  • Bad condition

If you’re wondering, “how much is my used camper worth?” then paying careful attention to its condition will tell you. 

Camper Accessories 

What accessories does your camper come with? Accessories do a lot by way of increasing the value of your camper. Does your camper come equipped with solar panels, awnings, levelers, an equipped kitchen, etc. 

Good accessories in good condition can greatly increase your camper’s value and how much your camper is worth. 

Tips For Getting Your Camper Ready To Sell

Here are 3 helpful tips for readying your camper to be sold:

1. Deep Clean

Deep clean your camper before posting pictures of it online. A clean interior will make your camper look more expensive and will put you in control when people try to negotiate the price down. Interested buyers are less likely to try to negotiate the price with you if they see your camper is worth the price tag. 

2. Touch Up the Interior

Take a few hours to touch up chipped paint, tighten cupboard doors, grease hinges, and spray some air freshener inside your camper. 

Minor repairs are a great way to hold the value of your camper at a price that you’re comfortable with and will ensure that your camper is sold quicker. 

3. Have a Mechanic Inspect Your Camper

If you want to make sure your camper is in tip top condition when it changes owners, have your usual mechanic inspect it before making the listing. If there are some minor issues with the camper, make sure to mention them in the listing so that the new buyer knows what they’re getting themselves into when they purchase it. 

Get a Professional RV Evaluation

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