How to Backup a Trailer

How to Backup a Trailer


Learning how to backup a trailer is one of the most daunting parts of owning a camper. 

If you are new to driving a trailer and want to learn how to backup correctly, so that you avoid scraping the outside of your new trailer, then this guide is for you. 

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How to Backup a Trailer

This quick guide will teach you how to backup trailers in several different situations. 

How to Backup a Travel Trailer

Here are five tips for how to backup a travel trailer:

  1. Adjust your mirrors accordingly.
  2. Get out of the vehicle and scout the spot that you are backing into. 
  3. Take a moment to get oriented and remember which way your travel trailer will turn when you turn the steering wheel. 
  4. Have someone direct you as you backup the travel trailer. Backing a travel trailer up is almost always a two-person job. Have walkie talkies or some way to communicate with the other person while you backup. 
  5. Use the scoop technique when you’re backing into your spot. To do this, instead of driving straight past your spot and then trying to back in, dip towards the spot and then away from it in a scoop shape as you drive past. This will position your trailer for an easy, scratch-free back in. 

How to Backup a Trailer Into a Driveway

Here are 4 tips for how to backup a trailer into a driveway:

  1. Have someone spotting for you.
  2. Back your trailer into the driveway slowly.
  3. Don’t hold your wheel turning for too long as this will make your parking job crooked. 
  4. Again, if the street allows for it, use the scoop technique described above. 

Tips For How to Backup a Trailer

Now for some rapid-fire tips to help you backup your trailer smoothly: 

  1. If you’re nervous, take three deep breaths once you hop in the driver’s seat. This will help smooth out your back in. 
  2. Take it slow. There’s no rush when you’re first learning how to backup a trailer. Take your time and practice backing up your trailer with good techniques. 
  3. Have someone get out and direct. Having someone direct you as you backup your trailer will make the whole experience so much easier.
  4. Check your mirrors frequently. Check your rearview and side mirrors to make sure that you are keeping an adequate amount of distance between your camper and other objects.
  5. Practice backing up your trailer before you go camping. Don’t wait until you’re at the campsite to learn how to backup a trailer. Practice a couple of times before you go camping to make sure that you know what to expect when you back your trailer into its camping spot.
  6. Get a backup camera. A camera that shows you what is going on behind your trailer can be a huge help when you’re learning how to backup a trailer.

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