Basic Guide on How To Convert RV Water Heater To Tankless

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Looking for an easy guide for how to convert an RV water heater to tankless? If you’ve recently decided to make the switch to a tankless RV water heater, this article will act as your guide so that you can learn how to convert an RV water heater to tankless hassle-free. 

Continue reading to learn more about RV hot water heater replacement as well as the benefits of converting to a tankless water heater. 

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How To Convert RV Water Heater To Tankless 

Now that you’ve made the decision to convert to a tankless water heater, here are five steps to help you learn how to convert your RV water heater to tankless. 

How To Replace RV Water Heater With Tankless

  1. Before you do anything else, make sure that you turn off the water and propane connections and that all supply lines are disconnected. 
  2. Drain your current water tank.
  3. Remove, pry, and unfasten all of the fasteners that are holding your old water heater secure. 
  4. Carefully remove your old water heater.
  5. Place your new, tankless water heater unit where the old one was and reconnect all the supply lines carefully. 

If you have any doubts about the safety of converting to a tankless water heater by yourself, please contact an RV professional and have a mechanic do your RV hot water heater replacement.

For your safety as well as the safety of your RV, you should never attempt to do something mechanical that you don’t feel confident in. 

Please give Kirkland RV a call to speak with an RV professional with any questions you might have about tankless water heater conversion. 

Tankless RV Water Heater Benefits

So why exactly should you convert to a tankless water heater?

Here are three of the best benefits of having a tankless RV water heater:

  • On-demand hot water. With a tankless RV water heater, you have access to an instant hot water supply (no waiting period for the entire tank of water to heat) and as much hot water as you need — so you no longer need to worry about running out of hot water mid-shower.
  • Energy efficiency. Tankless RV water heaters have made access to on-demand hot water more energy-efficient than almost any other tank models have. 
  • Space-saving. Due to being tankless, a tankless RV water heater doesn’t require the same amount of space as an RV water heater with a tank and consequently saves you space in your RV. 

The Different Types Of Tankless RV Water Heaters

Here are the three most popular types of tankless RV water heaters:

  • Electric. Electric water heaters consist of solar panels or a generator and are considered to be one of the most environmentally friendly tankless RV water heaters. 
  • Gas. This type of tankless RV water heater will run on either kerosene or propane and is less expensive (albeit also less eco-friendly) than electric water heaters.  

Condensing. A very efficient and eco-friendly type of tankless RV water heater, condensing heaters reuse exhaust heat to heat water for your RV.