Finance an RV over 10 years old – How To Guide


At Kirkland RV Sales, we specialize in fueling the dreams of people who want to roam around the country in their private residence without paying hefty real estate fees, taxes, and condo association dues. As the American job market continues its push to mobile, home-based, and hybrid setups, more people are looking into taking out loans for second-hand RVs. Some of the most common inquiries we get over our phone and chat lines are how to finance an RV over ten years old.

New RVs, camper vans, and trailers can cost a small fortune, and with the various technologies manufacturers pack into them, they can be even more expensive to maintain. Taking out older RV loans is a more cost-efficient and less risky strategy for people on a budget if you compare it to buying a new model outright.


how old of an rv can you finance

How to Finance an RV Over 10 Years

RV financing for models older than ten years can entail higher interest rates, more restrictive credit score requirements, and down payments of 20% or larger. Most lenders won’t give you a loan for RVs in the 12 to 15-year-old range, so you must strategize by taking out a personal loan or seeking help from credit unions. Here’s how our professionals do it.

Set a Budget for Financing the RV

Creating a spreadsheet that tabulates your income and expenses is essential for figuring out the RV models and financing plans you can afford. Deduct your 401(k) payments, taxes, and Social Security from your final take-home pay, and you’ll find your net income. This figure is the starting point of your older RV financing budget.

Track your expenses by listing down expenses you can’t cut back on, such as mortgage payments, rent, and cash for preexisting loans. Then, adjust your spending habits to accommodate this new expense.

Save a Down Payment

Your down payment amount will vary depending on your credit score and loan amount, but the industry average is 20%.

Give Your Credit Score a Check

Get a free credit report from The site covers the clients of Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion.

Decide on the Type of Your Loan for Financing the RV

The money for RV loans for older RVs usually comes from two sources:

  • Credit unions that offer lower interest rates and fees
  • Banks that have more ATMs and branches nationwide

Compare Lenders

Compare lenders by asking for the same kind of loan with identical features. Ask for:

  • How long can you finance a camper?
  • How old of an RV can you finance?

Negotiate the RV’s Price

Visit many dealers and leverage the following to get a more cost-efficient price on your RV:

  • Free maintenance options
  • Longer warranty periods
  • Their length of time in business
  • Being willing to wait until the market softens

Frequently Asked Questions

Are RV Loans Deductible from Taxes?

An RV loan gets you homeowner and business tax deductions, sales tax exemptions, and many more in multiple states.

Can Anyone Co-sign an RV?

Only a few lenders allow co-signing for older RV financing. However, Kirkland is a member of Credit Union Direct Lending, and we can connect you to over 1,100 lenders nationwide.

What credit score do you need to finance an RV?

Most lenders require a credit score of 650 to 700.

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