How to Purchase a Used RV


The bigger, longer RVs are often Class A motorhomes. They have a flat or slightly sloping windscreen and resemble buses very substantially.

Although purchasing a used RV is not a small choice, doing so is quite wise because you can save so much money. They are therefore a fantastic solution for a variety of clientele.

The Ultimate Guide and Tips on How to buy a used RV  

Buy a used RV is preferable to buying a new one for the reasons listed below:

Depreciation – Like the majority of other vehicles, new RVs depreciate rapidly as soon as they are driven off the lot. Once you drive it off the lot, you will typically lose 21% of the purchase price.

Gain Profits from Improvements – Purchasing a used RV gives you the chance to quickly customize the appearance and make it your own.

RV Technology – Throughout the last 10 to 15 years, not much has evolved in terms of RV technology overall. Solar is a simple add-on that can be installed to any used RV for a fraction of the cost you would pay to buy a brand-new one, however, some of the newest RVs are starting to come with it.

Reduce Chemical Exposure – By purchasing a high-quality RV made before 1999, you can lower your risk because these RVs are well-built, made of better materials, and less prone to leak gasses.

How to avoid the shakedown – The “shakedown years” are the initial one to two years. Even though everything that breaks or leaks is covered by warranty, scheduling maintenance still takes a lot of time. In warranty doesn’t necessarily mean pain-free. You would need to wait many months to use, repair, and return your RV.

Buying A Used RV: Things to Know About Before Purchasing A Used RV

Following your selection of the ideal RV type for your requirements, consider these five suggestions for comparison shopping and purchasing.

1. Decide on a budget before you start looking at used RVs because it’s simple to get carried away.

2. Expand your Google search to include nearby locations.

3. Go online for a used RV for sale; you might be able to find cheaper prices there.

4. Before you buy an old RV, look for leaks.

5. Test-drive your (new) used RV to make sure everything functions.

What to Look for When Purchasing a Used RV

Conduct a physical inspection before purchasing a used RV because it’s simple for vendors to conceal any flaws in an RV by failing to post pictures of them online. Keep in mind that if you purchase the RV from a private seller, repairs are automatically your duty. Whether it is two or twenty years old makes no difference.

If there are any indications of mold growth or water damage, there probably are leaks and other plumbing problems.

Make sure the rig’s roof is solid and doesn’t budge by carefully walking on it. It may rot if there is too much give. Similarly to this, you should check that the floor doesn’t have too much give.


An RV is a common household item in millions of American homes. Have fun looking around and learning about what’s available if you want to join their ranks and purchase a used RV

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