Is It Legal To Live in a Camper in Your Backyard?


Many Americans enjoy the freedom that comes with living in an RV because they can easily travel and live in any location they want, whenever they want. There are some Americans, however, who want to live in their RVs or campers, but never leave their backyard.

Unfortunately, some laws might make it illegal to live in a camper on your property. This article will look at those laws, providing you with an answer to the question, is it legal to live in a camper in your backyard?

Is Living in Your Camper Legal?

The answer is yes and no. According to the law, it is perfectly legal to park and live in your camper on your land. It becomes illegal, however, if you are planning to live in your RV full-time.

Even if the land is yours, certain laws prohibit you from using your camper as a permanent home. You can live in your camper if you drive it around, parking it where the law deems acceptable.

Is It Legal To Live in a Camper in Your Backyard

Why Is It Illegal To Live in Your Camper in Your Own Backyard?

The law does not classify campers as permanent dwellings. In the eyes of the law, your camper is more of a vehicle than it is a home. While the Department of Housing and Urban Development treats manufactured housing as permanent residencies, campers are designed for travel, camping, or recreational purposes.

This difference is why it is illegal for you to live in it full-time, even though your camper meets the requirements of manufactured housing, such as having plumbing and electricity.

What Does the Law Allow You To Do With Your Camper in Your Backyard?

According to federal law, it is not illegal to park your camper in your backyard. You might, however, have to check local regulations and your HOA to confirm the specifics.

Some cities will only permit you to park your camper overnight, while others will require that you keep it hidden. In some areas, you might have to park your camper somewhere else other than your backyard.

Potential Loopholes

If it has been your dream to live in an RV, there are certain ways to get around the illegality of living in a camper in your backyard. Unfortunately, you might have to move elsewhere.

Some counties and states might allow you to live in your camper full-time. You can buy a plot of land in a mobile home park for this specific purpose. In other areas, you can park your camper for long periods, as long as you move it on occasion for a couple of days at a time.

In such places, you can claim your camper as your primary residence and live in it full-time.

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