January RV Destination of the Month: Somewhere Warm


The holidays are over, work and school have restarted, and the temperature continues to plummet. For those of us in the Pacific Northwest, winter doesn’t always mean snow, but it tends to include plenty of cold, gloomy weather. And while we all enjoy a brisk afternoon walk or a trip to the slopes, endless grey days can quickly get old. So take your RV to someplace warm!

RV Destination January - RV Snowbirding

At Kirkland RV, we believe one of the best perks of owning an RV is the ability to “getaway.” Tired of the rain and cold? Turn the key in your RV and head to our featured RV destination of the month: somewhere sunny and warm. To help you on your way, we have compiled some snowbirding tips, tricks, and a few prime locations for you and your family this winter season.

RV Snowbirding

The term “snowbird” often applies to RVers who move to warmer areas for the entire winter. They might live in North Dakota (or Washington!) during the summer, but they travel to places like Southern California and Florida when the weather takes a turn for the frigid. But we know that the winter blues can happen to anyone, and not everyone has the luxury of moving for months at a time.

However, while you may not be moving south for the next three months, taking the advice of expert snowbirds and preparing your RV as though you are a snowbird can help your vacation go smoothly.

How to Prepare for Snowbirding

There are many things to keep in mind when preparing to leave. First, remember that the trip to your vacation destination won’t be a warm one. It’s still winter between here and there, and even the nights in a warm state get pretty chilly. Be sure to bring plenty of cozy clothes, extra blankets, and hot meals. Here’s a great resource on how to prepare your RV for cold weather.

You should also consider the length of your vacation and how to prepare your home before leaving. Insulate your outdoor spigots, lock all the windows, and maybe hire a friend or neighbor to check the house every couple of days or so.

Best Warm Weather RV Destinations

The best RV destination for you and your family may be different from other snowbirds. We advise everyone to research popular winter RV vacation spots to see what catches their eye. For many, the answer lies in Arizona. Beautiful Lake Havasu and Yuma have been top Arizona picks for years, and one of the two may be a great place for you.

In Southern California, there are countless RV destinations waiting for snowbirds. It’s important to keep in mind that this is your vacation, so the destination should fit your preferences and tastes. It might be easy to find a popular RV park, but if you prefer solitude, California also offers many winter camping options away from the crowds and noise.

Local RV Resources

We hope this has inspired you to get away and spend some time in the sun. To ensure your RV is ready for the drive, our expert RV service team is ready to help you arrive safely. For more information on our RV services, or our used RV sales, contact Kirkland RV today. We’re excited to help you on your way to a warm and relaxing winter RV vacation destination.