How to Pack Your RV Like a Pro Traveler


Packing your RV for an upcoming road trip usually takes some time. If this is your very first RV trip or just your first road trip in a long time, then it’s helpful to have an RV packing list to consult to keep you from forgetting important items.

Our RV experts here at Kirkland RV have created this camping packing list so that you can rest assured that your upcoming family road trip is going to go smoothly without any forgotten items.

Packing Your RV for a Road Trip

So without any more delay, here is your RV packing list to help you pack your RV like a pro for your upcoming trip.

10 Tips To Help You Pack Your RV Like A Pro

1. Don’t Overpack Your Refrigerator

Packing too much food will cause your food to spoil faster than you can eat it.

A good approach to packing your refrigerator for camping is to plan the meals that you’ll eat while camping. Make a menu and only buy food that you’ll need to make the meals on the menu.

An additional trick to packing less in your fridge is by looking up the campsite and seeing if there is a grocery store nearby. Preferably, you can buy items when you get there which will ensure that they are fresher and you don’t have to transport them.

2. Categorize Everything

Another helpful RV packing tip is to categorize everything. Disorganization has no place when you are packing for a camping trip. Pack your stuff in categories and make sure that everything getting packed into your RV is in its proper place. Kitchen items should be packed in the kitchen, bedding items in the sleeping area, and toiletries in the bathroom.

3. Do A Test Packing Run

Don’t wait until the last minute to do anything when you are packing for a camping trip. Once you have your RV packing list you should arrange to do a packing test run.

This will help you make sure that everything fits in your RV and that you let you know if you need to eliminate anything before your trip arrives.

4. Clean & Declutter your RV Before Packing

Another helpful tip that should make your list of RV packing essentials is doing a deep clean and declutter your RV before you depart. Having a clean RV to begin your camping trip will be so nice when the time comes to pack everything into the RV.

Add this on to your RV packing list and make a day of your RV deep clean and declutter.

5. Stock Your Kitchen With Essential Items You Use Often

The kitchen is one of the main and essential parts of RV camping and should be packed and stocked with care. Based on your meal plan, stock your kitchen with items that you will need to prepare the meals. Kitchen essentials can be its own RV packing list.

Forgetting an important kitchen item is quite handicapping so it is a good idea to make a separate packing list just for your kitchen.

6. Bring A First Aid Kit

Packing a first aid kit should be essential whenever you travel. Especially when you’re camping, a first aid kit should be at the top of your packing list. Not all campgrounds are prepared for emergency situations or have bandages on hand. You should bring any emergency medications you might need while camping and they should be packed in an accessible place.

7. Evenly Distribute Weight

Failing to properly pack your RV and distribute weight evenly could result in a collision due to your imbalanced RV. If you do not load your RV evenly, you are putting everyone on the road at risk and endangering yourself. You should attempt to evenly distribute your packed items throughout your RV so that there less risk of your RV overturning.

8. Use Organizational Furniture

There are countless companies that sell organizational furniture for small homeowners or RVers alike. To pack your RV like a pro, you need to utilize organizationally furniture to the max. Use cubes, baskets, and wall-mounted furniture to pack your RV efficiently for camping.

Organizational furniture will keep clutter at bay and ensure that your small space doesn’t feel crowded.

9. Pack An RV Essentials Kit

Your RV essentials kit should include oil, coolant, jumper cables, tire pressure gauge, and parking bricks.

Pack Your RV for a Road Trip

These essentials will keep you safe while you are on your road trip and will make RV maintenance a lot easier along the way.

You should make sure to routinely check tire pressure and oil levels during your road trip, maintaining the small things like checking levels make a huge difference in the long run.

10. Secure Everything

Make sure that you take the time to firmly secure items that are stacked on shelves or mounted on walls. You don’t want an avalanche of boxes and food to come crashing down when you take a sharp turn. Another important reason to make sure that everything is securely fastened to the walls or shelves is that loose items can cause injury to RV passengers.

The goal of any family road trip is to have fun and so you should take care to make sure everything in your RV is secure and won’t collapse during the road trip.

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