Thinking About Renting Out Your RV


You probably love RVing for many reasons. RVs give you the freedom to go where you want, when you want. You can also travel anywhere without worrying about finding a place to stay.

 Now, imagine being able to share that feeling with others. You can help people rent a recreational vehicle—and get paid to do it!

Is It Worth It to Rent Out Your RV?

 You should consider a few elements before making the jump, such as:

  • The amount of time you can put into renting it
  • The type of RV you own
  • Your RV’s location
  • How often do you plan to use it
  • Your comfort level with renting it out to strangers


thinking about renting out your RV


How Much Money Can You Make Renting Out an RV?

How much money you can make depends on many factors. Demand, the type and size of your RV, the location, and the rental’s duration are only several considerations.

Best Time to Rent Out an RV

The best time may depend on your location and your type of RV. In general, the peak season for RV rentals is during the summer months.

Factors to Consider Before Renting Out Your RV

Possible Income vs. Possible Losses

You can make significant money by renting out your RV. However, losses associated with RV rentals include wear and tear, damage, and cleaning fees.

Assess Your Investment

Perform a cost-benefit analysis to see if renting your RV is worth it.

Understand Your Insurance

Before renting out your RV, review your insurance coverage. Most personal auto policies will not cover renter-caused damage. Therefore, you may need to purchase a separate policy.

The Driving Ability of Your Renters

Note your renter’s driving skills before renting out your RV. RVs can be difficult to drive, so some renters could damage your RV.

Consider Possible Use Problems

Your renters could accidentally run the batteries down or overload the sewer system.

Think about Renter Hygiene and Pets

Consider hygiene-related questions such as: Will the renters be bringing pets? Will they be smoking inside the RV?

Pros and Cons of Renting Out Your RV


  • You can make a good amount of money
  • You can potentially offset the cost of ownership
  • You can meet new people


  • You must be comfortable with strangers using your RV
  • Your RV may get damaged
  • Cleaning fees


Tips to Rent Out an RV

You can rent out your RV from the comfort of home:

Create a Detailed Listing

Cover your RV’s make, model, year, sleeping capacity, and amenities.

Choose the Right Renting Platform

You can use several websites and apps to rent out your RV, including RVshare, Outdoorsy, and Campanda. 

Set a Competitive Price

Research the going rates for RV rentals in your area so you can price your RV rental accordingly.

Is RV Rental Worth It?

Renting out your RV can help you earn extra income and meet new people. However, renting is not without risks. Therefore, carefully weigh the potential benefits and pitfalls of renting out your RV.

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