Faulty RV Air Conditioner – Causes and Fixes


What can I do if my RV air conditioner won’t turn on? 

If you are struggling with your RV AC not turning on, you are probably feeling very frustrated. Without a functional AC unit, your time on the road will be far less pleasant and uncomfortable. 

If you are dealing with your RV air conditioner not working, continue reading to learn about some of the most common problems RV AC units face as well as their fixes or get in touch with Kirkland RV Sales to speak with an RV specialist.

rv ac not turning on

RV Air Conditioner Won’t Turn On: 8 Potential Causes

Here are eight reasons why your RV AC is not working. 

  1. The circuit breaker has been tripped (this is perhaps one of the most common reasons AC units stop working). 
  2. Your AC’s filter is clogged. 
  3. Your AC unit is not wired properly (stripped wires, loose connections, and faulty wires may all be responsible for unit dysfunction). 
  4. Your AC unit motor is jammed. 
  5. Your AC compressor is broken.  
  6. Faulty AC unit thermostat (which causes your AC unit to stop cooling even before it’s reached a cold temperature).
  7. Low on coolant (RV AC units will need a top-up on coolant from time to time). 
  8. Your AC unit is old (AC units only last between three and five years — depending on how often they are used). 

Tips For Extending the Lifespan of Your AC Unit

Routine maintenance is always preferable to making repairs. Rather than waiting until there is a severe, obvious problem with your RV’s air conditioner, have the unit routinely inspected and tuned up to ensure that costly repairs don’t become necessary. 

If you enjoy living a thrifty lifestyle and want to find out ways to extend the lifespan of your unit, here are five tips to help you get the most out of your RV’s AC unit. 

  1. Check your unit’s condenser a couple of times a year. 
  2. Manage your AC unit’s thermostat settings. In general, you should keep your cooling settings as moderate as possible in order to extend the lifespan of your unit. 
  3. Oil your AC’s fan. 
  4. Cover your AC unit when it’s not in use (especially if it is attached to the outside of your RV). 
  5. Ventilate your RV when your air conditioner isn’t in use to allow moisture to evaporate (this will prevent damage to your AC unit).

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