The RV Adventurer’s ‘Must-Have’ Camping Games


When it’s time to take to the highways this summer, you don’t want to set out into the great unknown without adequate entertainment for when you have arrived at your campsite destination. Many RVers, especially first-timers, make the mistake of forgetting that, while they are going to be travelling and staying in a comfortable home-away-from-home, it’s still important to get outside to hike, play camping games, grill out, reconnect with family, and make new friends.

RV Camping Games

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So, before embarking on your adventure, be sure to pack up some of the most popular portable outdoor camping games for campers and RVers to take with them on their travels.


Ladder Toss

This fun camping game can be easily broken down to a very compact and easily transportable size. The game consists of two players, or two teams of players. Next to each team will be placed a ladder with three rungs. Each side has a set of throwing balls, two balls connected by thick twine or rope. Players will take turns throwing the balls to the opposing ladder. Points are allotted according to which rung the throwing balls land on.

This camping game is fun for adults and children alike, and it easily allows for teams, making it an excellent game during family vacations.



This camping game consists of multiple colored balls with matching mallets, and can include up to 8 individuals. Croquet is best suited for families with grown children, or all adult parties. The rules of play may vary from family to family.

If you want to have a Victorian style afternoon relaxing under your RV awning, complete with be sure to allow for some extra space inside your RV as the croquet set will take up some space.


Beanbag toss

The game of bean bag toss has been a camping and BBQing favorite for decades. Perfect for families with a wide age range, this game can include your toddlers and your teens. The wooden platforms, each with a hole cut in it, are placed a reasonable distance from each other. While there are traditionally two colors of bean bags, more colors may be added for each player, or the players may separate into teams.

The team that earns the most points by getting their bean bag through the platform hole or landing their bag on the platform wins the game.


Bocce ball

This uproarious game allows for tons of laughter and many players. The intent of the game is to get your bocce ball (a large weighted and colored ball) closest to the small white ball (the pallino). Each player takes turns throwing their ball in an effort to get closest to the pallino.

This game is extremely compact, making for easy travel and loads of fun.



This ancient game, supposedly originating in ancient Rome in the form of the game “Quoits,” has entertained people for centuries. The game consists of numerous horseshoes and two stakes. At your campsite, place each stake into the ground a reasonable distance from each other. Each player will take turns throwing the horseshoes at the stakes. Points are given for those horseshoes that hook around the stake. The player or team with the most points wins!

A summer vacation is the time for you and your family to connect with each other. An RV vacation is a perfect way to do this for your family, providing a place for all the comforts of home, including camping games and fun, with all the adventure and excitement of the open road. Is it time for your family to spend quality time together, without all the distractions of home? Contact Kirkland RV today and we can answer any of your questions. Consider purchasing an RV today, and begin planning your own family holiday!