RV Camping Location of the Month: Best RV Park for Early Spring


Congratulations everybody, we’ve done it! After what has been recorded as the wettest Winter on record for the Seattle area, we have finally arrived at the cusp of Spring.

With the darkest part of the year behind us, you know that it is time to break out the used RV and celebrate the turn of the season in the best way possible; taking a trip!

While there are endless, scenic locations you can travel to in the Seattle area, there is but one that earns our vote as the best RV park for this time of year. This year, we invite you to explore the wonders of the Cannon Beach RV Resort!

Where’s That?

For those that are not yet acquainted with the beauty of this area, Cannon Beach is a small, historic beach town about an hour outside of Portland, Oregon. Originally established in 1846, it only recently has become a hot spot for that used class C motorhome you’ve been itching to take for a spin.

The town had previously been known as Elk Creek, following the expedition of Lewis and Clark, but later earned its namesake for a cannon that had washed ashore from a US Navy schooner. Cannon Beach has a population roughly under 2,000 and is home to the famous 235ft landmark, Haystack Rock.

RV Resort Area

That glorious used motorhome will be quite welcome at Cannon Beach’s unique RV resort. The resort offers full-service, full-hookup facilities that will delight campers using pop-up trailers and used RVs alike.

With its  lush, green park grounds and its close proximity to the beach, the expansive facilities of the resort show that it has its visitors in mind! The resort area features a Lodge, which serves as a clubhouse for guests to meet, relax, and enjoy themselves over a game of pool.

There is also a convenience store, a gift shop and a game room available within the Lodge, so you don’t have to worry about where to pick up souvenirs for your family and friends!

The facility also features 100 paved, full hookup spots and is capable of accommodating rigs from 28-60 feet. A used class C motorhome will fit in perfectly!

What Makes it Special

If you haven’t yet experienced the beauty of Cannon Beach, it’s high time that you did. With the quiet comfort of the Cannon Beach RV park, you can’t find a better experience for taking in all that the Pacific Northwest has to offer.

You’ll be able to enjoy the beach, the ocean, lush greenery, and mountainscapes, all from the comfort of your used RV! Cannon Beach really offers a one-of-a-kind experience to its travelers, and it has some breathtaking views in early Spring.

What’s more is that the town center is often compared to Carmel, California, featuring numerous unique restaurants and galleries. Its also full of true Oregon beach culture. This could be the Spring trip that you’ve been waiting for.

Maybe you’ve got your used RVs all fired up and ready to go! Or perhaps, you’re a newcomer to the world of RVs. Whatever the case may be, we are your used RV Seattle experts, and we’re ready to help you get out and enjoying the open road. Click here to browse our selection, and prepare for adventure.