A Complete Guide to Common RV Problems and Solutions


A class A RV can be the perfect home away from home. It allows you to travel in style. Space isn’t a problem, with most of them up to 45 ft with many additional slide-outs. The beds are bigger, and so is the dining area. In some, there is even room for a fireplace. What happens if you encounter a problem on the road? Let’s look at some common RV problems.

  • The Leaky Roof

One of the most common problems is Leaky roofs. Even the most expensive Rvs have to endure difficult weather conditions which can take their toll on the vehicle. A leaky roof can lead to interior damage and rust. Water damage can even cause short circuits which can be very dangerous and costly to repair. Applying a roof sealant can help prevent damage. Always try to park under cover, especially in stormy weather. New sealant should be applied at least once a year. If you see any damage, it must be fixed immediately. 

  • The Electrical Issues

Nothing is more frustrating than an electrical problem, switches that don’t work, outlets that malfunction or lose wires can cause major issues, injuries, and even death. Hiring a professional to ensure everything is working correctly is essential. Checks should be carried out before setting out on any journey. Common Rv electrical problems should be addressed as soon as you become aware of them. 

  • The Slide-Out Problem

Slide-outs give you a lot more space to move around, but the moving parts are prone to rust and corrosion. Sometimes they may stick, or they may be difficult to move. Lubricating the parts of the slide-outs is essential and will extend their life quality. Always keep a trusty can of WD-40 on hand while you are traveling for on-the-go lubrication and instant relief.

RV’s Most Common Problems You Should Know Before Buying

    • Plumbing problems: Plumbing problems on RVs are quite common and can cause quite a stink and put a damper on your trip. Plumbing should be checked regularly, it’s always a good idea to keep some common parts that are prone to breaking on hand. Items such as pet push-on fittings, water valve shut-off pieces, and couplings can be replaced easily and the parts won’t take up much room. 
    • Unfit seals: Seals can start to leak around the roof area or widows. Heavy rains, can cause major damage to the interior of your vehicle. Check your seals regularly and if you see wear and tear, or damage, have them replaced immediately. 
    • Propane issues: The most common problem is the pressure regulator. This is an easy fix. Ensure that you have propane tape on hand and that you educate yourself on how to ensure there are no leaks when you repair. 
  • Wheel and tire problems: Never leave home without a spare tire and the tools needed to replace it should you encounter a problem. The bearings and suspension system should also be checked regularly. Keep a basic RV troubleshooting guide in your glove compartment for on-the-road guidance.

Ways to Avoid Common RV Problems

Common problems with travel trailers are mostly caused by human error and not maintaining the vehicle correctly. Having basic knowledge about how to carry out minor repairs will be very beneficial. Once a year you should take your RV to a professional for a 50-point inspection. 


Problems with the toilet are usually caused by clogging the pipes. Keep the black dump valve closed. This will prevent the liquids from draining out while the solids stick to the sides. There is a special type of toilet paper for RVs and marine boats. For the best results don’t use any other type of toilet paper. Ensure that the toilet bowl is completely full before you flush it. Keep a chemical de-clogging agent to break up solids and keep your septic tank hygienic. 


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Take your next rejuvenating holiday with your family and friends in the ultimate comfort of your RV. Should any problems arise then refer back to the handy troubling shooting guide. 


Safe travels.