Used Motorhome & RV Financing Options

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Kirkland RV Sales is a great option for RV financing as they are a member of Credit Union Direct Lending (CUDL), which allows them to easily handle financing through many accessible credit unions. For those looking to finance a used motorhome or RV, Kirkland RV Sales can easily make this happen with their financing options.

Financing for new and used RVs to meet your leisure needs

An RV loan is helpful for those looking to purchase a new or used RV when they can’t afford to purchase it within their current budget. Depending on what one is looking to get from their RV purchase, RVs range from small and affordable to large and luxurious which affects the RV financing rates and loans.

The best RV financing can be done directly through the dealership that once chooses to purchase an RV from. The dealer will generally present one with a few financing options, either through partnerships with various lenders or in-house.

How To Finance An RV

CUDL financing with Kirkland RV is an easy process. Clients get offered to sit down with one of their RV experts to discuss the RV purchase and the down payment amount. From here, there will be a simple application form to be completed for the CUDL financing.

Once this is approved, Kirkland RV will contact the client to discuss and approve the terms and conditions set out from the Credit Union. Once the sales contract is completed, the client will be able to pick up their RV. As for any remaining paperwork, this will be handled on the client’s behalf by the Kirkland RV team.

How long does an RV loan last?

Generally speaking, depending on the lender, one can find RV loans for around $25,000 that are repaid over a few years. When it comes to financing an RV between $50 000 to $300,000, this loan is typically paid over a longer period of up to 20 years. 

Though a normal time frame for an RV loan is 10 to 15 years, it’s possible to find RV loans with shorter or longer terms, depending on the lender and how much one may need to borrow.

Our new and used RV loans

As Kirkland RV Sales is a member of CUDL, clients that choose them for financing an RV are guaranteed secure, reliable, and affordable financing. With a minimum down payment and approved credit, Kirkland RV can quickly and easily get their clients the RV they desire.

They offer easy-pay options to ensure that your experience is smooth and stress-free. From traditional loans to lease options, they can help one to find the best RV financing option for each client’s needs and budget.

Through CUDL, clients can quickly obtain Credit Union auto financing right at the Kirkland RV Sales dealership. This is beneficial as it allows financing for an RV to be offered on the spot without the need for a pre-approval or a long waiting period.

Best Financing Options Available

Kirkland, WA Used RV Sales and Services offers RV financing for those looking to enter the world of motorhomes and RVs.

For new and used RV’s and the best financing options, call us today at Kirkland RV or contact us online where we can assist you in making your RV dreams a reality.