Finding Wi-Fi on the Road: RV Internet Solutions

rv internet solutions


Even though humans are more online than ever, it’s not that easy to get the internet in every situation. And, the best example of that may just be driving your RV across the country. 


Connecting to the web on a camping trip can become a huge challenge, but it’s also a growing necessity. Today, a lot of RVers have the flexibility to work or study while on the road, but this also means that they need to have access to stable and sometimes even fast-speed connections. 


In this article, we will provide a few traveler tips and RV internet solutions to help you stay connected on the road. 

RV Internet Solutions: How to Find the Best Wi-Fi on the Road

The good news is that there are multiple ways for you to access the internet while on the road. Now, the downside is that not all RV internet solutions are created the same. 


Let’s take a closer look at your options. 

  1. Carry Your Own!

Mobile hotspots and the availability of gadgets like Starlink antenas now make it possible to carry around your own connection. These may be the best RV internet solutions if you rely heavily on the the web while on the road, for example if you work online. 


Some RVers have even installed antennas directly on their vehicles, ensuring that they always have a way to get online. 

  1. Libraries, Restaurants and Cafes

Libraries, restaurants, cafes, and other conventional sources are always an option. That said, cybercriminals tend to be more active on these networks, so it’s important to have an antivirus installed if you rely on these connections. 

  1. Campgrounds and Other Accommodation Wi-Fi

Lastly, you can always use the Wi-Fi of your campground or rental property. As with other public networks, you should protect yourself while using these connections. Moreover, these connections tend to be particularly slow, so they may also be suitable for texts, emails, and other written messages. 

Tips to Get the Best Internet Coverage

Connecting to the internet is one thing, but this doesn’t mean that it’s fast. Here are a few steps you can take to improve your internet speed while on the road. 

Plan Around Your Internet Needs

If you have meetings that you have to attend in person or similar online events, you should take a look at the map and ensure that you’re in a coverage area for the next few days. 

Notify People You’re on the Road 

Notifying friends, family, and colleagues that you’re on the road won’t improve your connection speed, but it can help set clear expectations and make people understand why you’re not always available. 

Try to Lower Your Requirements

If you’re looking for full-time RV internet solutions to stream content and surf the web, it may be difficult to enjoy your trip to the fullest. 


Your best bet is to only treat the online world like a necessary resource when it actually is and try to enjoy the offline world as much as possible. 

To Wrap Up

There are no certainties when looking for stable Wi-Fi on the road, but getting internet while traveling is easier than ever before. Besides carrying around your own source of internet like hotspots and Starlink antennas. 


Additionally, you can always opt for conventional sources like cafes, libraries, and campgrounds, but you should also follow best practices that keep your speeds high in order to get the best experience. 


Looking to install a permanent source of internet in your motorhome? Get in touch with Kirkland RV and our team will be happy to install a custom internet point in your vehicle.