Best RV Essentials – Kitchen Accessories and Appliances


If you are new to the camper van lifestyle, you might be curious about the RV kitchen accessories and appliances you must have to make travel more comfortable. Even experienced campers who thrive in rough outdoor environments grow tired of eating out of canned goods every night without essential RV cooking appliances.

Why not upgrade your culinary game with these must-have kitchen appliances for RV from the experienced camping professionals at Kirkland RV Sales?


rv kitchen must haves


The Best RV Kitchen Appliances

The best RV kitchen appliances should clean, chop, and cook your food without robbing you of precious living space. Even if you own a Class A tour bus, regular-sized stoves, ovens, and grills will unnecessarily sacrifice square footage. Try these space-saving kitchen appliances for your RV instead:

The Multi-Cooker

Multi-cookers have been around since the 1920s, well before the camper van’s rise in popularity. However, these appliances have never played a more suitable role than inside a space-saving RV kitchen. These machines sauté, steam, sterilize, and even pressure-cook food with multiple automated programs that activate with one touch for poultry, rice, soups, ribs, and desserts on autopilot.

A multi-cooker is one of those indispensable RV kitchen gadgets that cater to four to eight family members without sacrificing quality. Our travel professionals recommend a stainless-steel model with a three-ply bottom. Wi-Fi connectivity is also indispensable.

A Water Filter

Are you going off-the-grid or camping only a few miles outside a city? In either case, a water filter is an essential motorhome kitchen accessory that will give you peace of mind about not having to trust the water quality in various campsites or RV parks. Water filters remove harmful bacteria like e-Coli, cryptosporidium, and giardia so that you can cook and stay hydrated without getting sick.

Water filters remain one of the most highly rated travel trailer kitchen accessories in America. Part of what puts it in the category of RV kitchen accessories and appliances you must have is its replaceable fluoride filters. These handy components purify as much as 6,000 gallons of raw water, so you should be well-covered for your next few adventures on the road.

RV Kitchen Must-Haves

Many RV owners want to detach from the creature comforts of the Information Age and connect with nature when they’re outdoors. These timeless motorhome kitchen accessories help you in that pursuit of simplicity:

A Cast Iron Skillet

Cast-iron skillets are not only an RV kitchen must-have but an essential tool in campsites and kitchens worldwide. They suit a gas range or an electric stovetop, from bacon and eggs to perfect French toast. You can even cook over a bonfire if you’re feeling daring.

Collapsible Cups and Mugs

Collapsible drinking containers save a lot of space in RV cabinets, which you can bring to festivals, concerts, hikes, and hotel rooms. These cups and mugs can fit into a pocket and are always ready to use. We recommend that you buy spill-proof, sturdy mugs with a stellar BPA rating; you can never be too careful with plastic drinking utensils.

Would You Like to Know More About RV Kitchen Essentials?

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