Unveiling the Comfort and Convenience of RV Living

rv living


RV living has come a long way since the days of the VW Type 29 buses. Today, RVs are the only vehicle that allows you to sleep on a soft, comfortable bed and wake up in a different peaceful backdrop on demand. No passport, security checks, or long lines. 


The truth is that the gap between living in an RV and a conventional home has never been smaller. 

How Comfortable is RV Living?

How does RV living work? Is it truly comfortable? 


Nowadays, it’s possible to find an RV that has all the amenities you need including comfortable beds, showers, and residential refrigerators. And, in case you don’t find one, you can always get a motorhome customized to your specific requirements. 


Here are some additional reasons why RV living is very comfortable. 

Being Closer to Nature

The RV lifestyle immediately brings you closer to nature by default, which equates to peace. This is the reason why many RVers also love trekking, finding secluded beaches, and exploring new locations. 

Living New Experiences Regularly

In addition to seeing breathtaking nature, RV living lets you enjoy food, music, and experiences in all parts of the country. 

It Saves You Money

Whether you’re opting for an RV holiday or living in a motorhome full-time, the conventional alternative can be a lot more expensive. Not only this, but maintaining a home and traveling via airplane are both extremely stressful and can contribute to an anticlimactic trip. 


RV traveling rarely disappoints because you can go at your own pace, and if the weather or something else isn’t right, it’s easy to uproot and move on to the next location. 

Tips for Maximizing Comfort and Convenience

If you’re looking for “best RV living near me” then you’re likely spending a lot of time in it. Here are some tips to help you make it as comfortable as possible. 


  • Opt for a relaxed travel plan and avoid filling up your itinerary
  • Ensure that your bed and other basics are very comfortable
  • Find an RV that has enough space for all passengers and their belongings
  • Opt for retractable features to make the most out of the space you have
  • Observe safety best practices at all times to prevent accidents

Future Trends and Innovations in RV Living

Wondering about RV living rates in the next few years or have other questions?


  • RVers are becoming younger in age — first-time buyers are 32 years old on average
  • More than 11 million Americans currently live in RVs full-time
  • New energy storage technology will allow for better, longer-lasting amenities
  • Emerging RV models will cater to solo travelers as well as larger families
  • RV communities and solutions for this space will continue to emerge
  • Sustainable practices like solar panels and slow materials will become mainstream


Whether it’s for a short trip or full-time living, the RV life has never been more comfortable and it will only continue getting cushier as time goes on. 


The best part is that you don’t have to wait — RVs can always be upgraded and fitted with new features that improve your comfort. 


Are you interested in getting an RV and making the most out of our natural treasures? Contact Kirkland RV today, our team is always happy to sell.