The Importance of Professional RV Maintenance and Repair

RV Maintenance and Repair


Your RV is your home away from home when you are on the road. That’s why RV maintenance and repair are so important.

Professional RV Repair and Maintenance

Just like you need to upkeep your home, your RV is no different. RVs require maintenance, you need to ensure that the vehicle is safe to drive and that the plumbing and electrical systems are in order.

What Maintenance Does an RV Require?

Think of your RV as a house on wheels, because that’s essentially what it is. You need to take care of everything you would need in a regular house, as well as add extras.

We have put together a helpful checklist so you don’t forget anything important:

  • Inspect the roof and seams for water damage and leaks
  • Keep the wheels and tires in good condition. Check the tire pressure and ensure the wheel lug nuts are tight
  • Make sure the battery is fully charged 
  • Ensure the systems for your plumbing and wastewater are working efficiently
  • Your RV should be sent for service regularly

RV repair and maintenance are extremely important and ensuring your vehicle is safe to drive could save your life.

How Much Does RV Maintenance Cost?

Keeping your RV maintained and road-ready can easily cost between $1000 – $2000 a year. You can decrease this amount if you DIY some of the maintenance jobs. The most expensive part of RV maintenance is your generator, you will need to replace the oil, air, and fuel filters periodically. Changing the oil is required at least once a year, a repair shop will charge you around $150 to complete this task.

Keeping the battery charged testing its power supply and topping it up with fluid will cost between $150 – $300 for an annual service. While buying a new battery can cost anywhere between $150 – $400 (each) most RVs require 2 types of batteries, one to run the vehicle and 1 to run your appliances.

  • Tires – $125 – $400
  • Slide-outs – $200 to service, must be done every 3 or 4 months 

These are only some of the costs you need to consider.

The Reliable and Certified RV Technicians

Your RV needs to be roadworthy to be safe on the road and prevent accidents. You must use a reliable and certified RV technician to carry out any repairs and maintenance. Look for a company that has a trusted record and has been in the RV  repair business for many years.

It’s important to complete a PDI (pre-delivery inspection) to ensure everything is working correctly and highlight any issues the technician should take account of. The RV repair team you choose should have a passion for RV living and keeping you safe on the road. Look for a company that offers mobile RV repair, Camper repair, and RV maintenance.

Kirkland RV are the RV Specialists

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