Which RV Smoke Detector Is Good for Your RV?


When traveling in your home on wheels, safety always comes first. Therefore, having the right RV smoke detector is essential, but with so many options on the market, it is not easy to choose a suitable model or brand. So, which RV smoke detector is good for your RV?

Two Main Reasons for Having RV Smoke Detectors

A smoke detector notifies when it detects odorless or colorless gas. Having a sensor can prevent health issues and major disasters. Here are two reasons why every RV should have a smoke detector.


Gas is flammable and can cause an explosion or fire in your RV. Besides significant RV damage, fire puts your life and the life of other passengers in danger.

Carbon Monoxide

Carbon monoxide can cause stomachaches, headaches, chest pain, dizziness, or death. Therefore, inhaling carbon monoxide must always be avoided.

Which RV Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector to Use: Top 5 Smoke Detectors

  1. First Alert FG250 BRK Brands, Inc FG250RV

If you are looking for an affordable and easy-to-use smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detector, First Alert by BRK is worth considering. It is excellent at detecting small and fast flames of smoldering smoke. For battery replacement, use a 9V alkaline battery.

  1. Atwood Mobile

One of the most popular carbon monoxide detectors is Atwood Mobile. It features a power alarm and a built-in digital display to monitor CO levels. The smoke detector operates on three AA batteries.

  1. Kidde Battery Dual Photoelectric

If you want to protect your RV, this smoke alarm by Kidde is an excellent solution. It comes with two types of sensors–photoelectric and ionization for detecting flames or any smoldering type of smoke. The smoke detector is also tamper-resistant.

  1. BRK Electronics

BRK Electronics is undoubtedly famous for its quality RV smoke detectors. They have excellent dual sensor technology to prevent a false alarm, 360 degrees of direct access to smoke alarms, and are easily accessible.

  1. MTI Industries/Safe-T-Alert

The list of which RV smoke detector is good for your RV would not be complete without the Safe-T-Alert by MTI Industries. This alarm has two electronic sensors for detecting propane and CO.

FAQ – RV Smoke Carbon Monoxide Detector

Question: Do RV Smoke Detectors Expire?

Yes, RV smoke detectors expire. Depending on the brand, an RV smoke detector has an average lifespan of five to ten years.

Question: Do You Need a Special Smoke Detector for an RV?

Yes, getting a special smoke detector for your RV is highly advisable.

Question: Can I Use a Home Smoke Detector in My RV?

You should never install a home smoke detector in your RV. All RV vehicles require dual-sensor smoke alarms.

Get Your RV Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector Today!

Now that you have more information on which RV smoke detector is good for your RV, it is time to decide and get the best one for your vehicle.

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