RV Solar Power: Harnessing Energy on the Go

rv solar power


The global solar vehicle market will be worth almost $3 billion by 2027, which represents an industry growth of 12% during that time period. 


As an RV owner, understanding the solar power revolution can help ensure that you get the best features for your motorhome and improve your traveling experience as much as possible. 


In this article, we will go over new advancements in RV solar power, discuss the different components of these sustainable systems, and provide tips to help maximize this type of energy in your motorhome. 

Introducing RV Solar Power

Solar panels can now absorb and transform up to 30% of the energy provided by the sun into usable electricity. While this may not prove to be stable enough to completely replace your RV’s battery and fuel systems, this type of sustainable energy plays a bigger role in all solar vehicles. 


Today, it’s possible to use solar panels to provide energy to the electric system of your RV’s engine and also to charge your battery.


The best part is that solar system manufacturers see fully solar-powered electric vehicles as the future and continue to make advancements toward this long-term goal. So, in the future, you’ll likely have the option to switch to a fully solar engine system!

Components of an RV Solar Power System

Every motorhome is different, so your RV solar power system will vary depending on what elements you’re powering with sunlight. Some of the elements found within most vehicle solar energy systems include:


  • Panels
  • Charge controller
  • Batteries
  • Mounting hardware
  • Inverter, wiring, and connectors 

Planning, Installation and Maintenance

Depending on your preference, you have the option of acquiring an RV solar power kit to transform your current motorhome. Or, you can also look for a new RV that already has the solar system installed. 


If you choose to install a solar system in your RV from scratch, it’s important to determine what features you will hook up to your sustainable energy system and ensure that your panels will provide enough for that consumption. You can use a solar energy calculator to get this information. 


As an alternative, you can always contact an experienced lot like Kirkland RV to help you install your solar system or find the best motorhome for you. 

Tips for Maximizing RV Solar Power

Whether you opt for conventional or portable solar power systems, it’s important to reduce energy consumption to extend the duration of your battery life. Some steps you can take include:


  • Optimize the placement of your panels
  • Get energy-efficient appliances and LED lighting
  • Use energy during peak sunlight hours


Solar-powered RVs are now a reality, so you can now take additional steps to reduce your impact on the environment while increasing comfort. 


While it’s still not quite possible to supply your entire RV with this type of power, finding an RV that already has solar accessories can give you more freedom and help you make the most out of our natural resources. 


Interested in installing solar panels or finding an RV with this feature? Contact Kirkland RV and we’ll help you track down the best motorhome for you and your family.